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09-14-2009, 10:04 PM
Oakland raiders, 1st & 10 from the 31. 14:51 remaining in the 1st Qtr.

Raiders line up in the I, strong side to the right, WRs split wide. The Full back motions out to the right. at the snap, everyone steps to the strongside.

The Center (305lbs) is lined up against this massive NT who simply wants to get into the backfield. At the snap, the Center leaves the LOS, and with his quick right step, heads to the MLB. The Giant NT is probably grinning ear to ear, thinking "they forgot about me" or, "I'm gonna get me a sack".

But he's blind sided by the left guard. Robert Gallery (325lbs). That big 348lb NT has no chance against the smaller Gallery, because Gallery plants his helmet in #76's right shoulder pad, and pushes him to the right sideline.

Everyone who stayed on the offensive line, to "manhandle" the defensive line moves towards the right sideline. Everyone. The tightend & the RT work together on the strong side DE (he's actually a little linebacker with his hand on the ground. But it's the same principle. Regardless how over matched the tight end may be, once the big RT pops the DE from the side, the DE has no say in where he is going to go).

The RT is lined up with a DT over him. Once the ball is snapped, he totally ignores the fact the DT is even there. He goes and pops the DE who thought he was going to work against a TE.

The RG has no one lined up on him. He goes and hits the DT lined up on the RT, who also thought he was going to slip into the backfield. The DT has no control of where he is going as this massive man (Denver reject Cooper Carlisle: 295lbs 32 years old) is pushing him in ways his body is not equipped to resist.

The Center, and the LT hit the Mike & Will. The Center, and the LT hit the Mike & Will. The Center, and the LT hit the Mike & Will. The Center & the LT hit the Mike & Will. They don't go up to them, and ask them to dance. They don't position there bodies in such a way to impede progress of the LBs, they don't throw themselves at the ground a foot in front of the LBs. The Center and the LT HIT the Mike & the Will, and take them out of the play.

The tailback starts right. & stays on that line for 5 steps. As a result, the safeties, WRs, whatever are sucked in to the play side. At his fifth step, the RB has no hole in front of him. Instead, the running lanes are to the right, where the WR & Fullback who motioned to the right are there to crack any safety or CB on that side back into the melee that is moving their way.

There is no reason the RB couldn't have gone to the right. it was open. But there is a bigger hole opening to the left, as the LOS moves to his right. He takes that hole, and runs for 17 yards.

Sean Merriman happened to be the weakside DE that was unaccounted for. He looks a little rusty, otherwise the RB wouldn't have been able to take the route to the left, and would have had to settle for the route to the right.

This was perfect. This is a team that adopted the ZBS after we did. This is a team with 2 free agents starting on the offensive line. A LG who was drafted to play LT. & a LT who started 5 games last season, a 300lber drafted in the 3rd round of 2007.

This was their first play from scrimmage, and it was perfect.

Jackie Chiles
09-14-2009, 10:15 PM
Against a 3-4 defense to boot. I would like some of that please, make it happen Mr. Gibbs.

09-14-2009, 10:17 PM
The first 4 plays were runs. After all 4 plays, all 5 Offensive Linemen are standing on their feet.