View Full Version : This team does NOT handle success well, but...

09-13-2009, 08:31 PM
It seems like they were reading their own press clippings all summer long.
Listening to those guys brag about how easily the offense could move
the ball on anyone, and the defense is the Achilles Heel of the team,
probably made them go lax on how MUCH they would have to work
to be BETTER.

Defensive coaches are SMART. They watch what you do, and GAMEPLAN
to EXPLOIT your WEAKNESSES. Look at players like Vince Young, Michael
Vick, Randy Moss. When those guys came into the league, they set
the world on fire. A few trips through the league, a little tape on you,
and they know how to attack you. Why is Peyton Manning STILL
a beast?? It's because between licking Oreos, the man BUSTS HIS
ASS during training camp EVERY YEAR. He makes his offense stay
after practice for HOURS improving his craft.

It seems like our guys did not learn that lesson, and got fat off accolades.
I hope they learn, IN A HURRY, that NO good team stays the same year
in and year out. They work to GET BETTER. If you suck, then you have
to improve at a rate FASTER than the better team!! Kubes, LIGHT THEIR
ASSES UP on Monday morning at 11am!!!