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This is a very impressive from an Eagles fan who had taped the game and then re-watched it and gives his take. This is a better read than a lot professional sportswriters. His first take is on the offensive and further in the topic he talks about the defense

Super Bowl Synopsis (http://eagles.hosttown.com/index.php?showtopic=238433)

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when I clicked on the link it asked for me to log in to their board before it would let me read it Boxscore. Sorry but I am not going to register at yet another board to read something.

anychance for an abbreviated version posted by you?

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Bring back Bob Paulson.

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First, re-watching it was painful. Right now I need a drink or handful of pills.

We played pretty well overall. This wasn't a case where the Patriots were clearly the better team. They minimized mistakes and made the key plays. We were sloppy. Overall, 2 pretty even teams.

Deion Branch did not deserve the MVP. Nothing against Deion, but he only made one noteworthy play.

The best player on the field for either team was Richard Seymour. I didn't realize how well he played. He should have been the MVP. Dick, as I'll now refer to him, only had 2 tackles and one sack. However, he was disruptive throughout the game. He played DT and 3-4 DE and no one blocked him well consistently. When he was contained, he still batted 2 passes. His penetration forced Westbrook to alter his path a few times. He got pressure on our final drive and was the reason that McNabb dumped the ball to Westbrook at the 4. Dick Seymour should have been MVP by a landslide.


* McNabb - Overall, he played well. Unfortunately, that will be overshadowed by his two critical INTs. Horrible passes that cost us dearly. I'm not backing off my criticism of him even with the stories of his sickness. Those throws came at a time when he was playing well.

Donovan got off to a slow start, as did the offense, but didn't slide into a funk. In the past, he's struggled with good defenses and had stretches where he disappeared. That wasn't the case at all. He adjusted to what the Pats were doing and put up some big numbers.

2 of his TD throws were things of beauty. The pass to LJ came on a play where we went conservative. We only put 3 guys out in the route. That gave Donovan plenty of time. He sat in the pocket and waited til he had an opening. He fired the ball perfectly just by the LB and into Smith. The pass to Westbrook was a snap decision. McNabb read that the FS had single coverage on Westy. He gave Brian a second to get upfield and fired off his back foot. Awesome throw. TD.

The other TD pass came to Greg Lewis late. It was a duck, but was a catchable, accurate throw.

Donovan did a great job of getting the ball to TO without forcing it to him. He really took what the defense gave him. He lined up in the shotgun a lot. Seemed very comfortable, especially when we were in an empty set. For the most part, he handled the blitz well. He did have one big mistake. When we got deep for the first time, the Pats blitzed heavy. Josh Parry didn't contain his guy well. Donovan tried to spin out of the pocket to get to the edge. He was sacked for a huge loss. We'd have been better off if he just threw the ball away. Those moves worked against the Cowboys, but not the Patriots.

The INTs. The "first" INT came on the play immediately after his sack in the Red Zone. Donovan stupidly forced a pass to TO that Harrison batted and Samuel caught. BTW...Josh Parry was wide open in the flat. He would have had at least a 10 yd gain. However, a penalty on Phifer cancelled the pick. That gave us a 1st Down. Next play. Donovan makes a terrible throw and a questionable decision. He lofts a ball to Westy on a corner route. Badly underthrown. Harrison picks it off. Brian had a step on Vrabel, but seemed like a risky call down there. The play was run from the 19. That condenses the field and gives Harrison less ground to cover. Also, it gives Westy less room to separate from the LB. Bad call, bad throw. Vrabel ran over Westy as Harrison was catching the ball. A lot of times that would draw a Pass Int. call.

The second INT was a dagger to the heart. Donovan had just hooked up with TO on a 36 yd gain. We had the ball at their 36 yd line. Essentially, FG range. McNabb takes the snap and drops back. He had LJ running up the field. He has Dorsey running a crossing route. I think the throw was intended for LJ, but am not sure. It was above and behind Dorsey, but way underthrown for LJ. Bruschi got it. Most frustrating was how wide open Dorsey was. Had Donnie gotten him the ball, Levens would have been clear to about the 25 and possibly inside the 20.

I don't know what caused the errant throws. Donovan has well documented accuracy issues, but he seemed more off than usual. Maybe him being less than 100% caused him to try too hard. He overthrew LJ early in the 1st Qtr. That would have given us a 1st down close to midfield. Wide open. He overthrew Freddie on a 2nd down play late in the game. Could have been a nice gain and it would have allowed Mitchell to get out of bounds and stop the clock.

I can't say much about him during the last two drives. He did have to scramble a few times, but it is hard to see if a QB is winded without closeups. He did make one horrible decision. We had the ball at our 4 with :46 left. He got flushed by Dick Seymour and dumped the ball to Westy. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Brian was tackled for no gain and we lost 29 seconds. Throw the ball into the ground. The clock is our enemy. Eerily reminiscent of the throw to Levens before the end of the 1st half vs. MIN. Can't make those throws.

#5 had a great year in 2004. He really made great strides and looked like an elite QB. I can't wait to see him next year. Should be even better.

RB - Not a great game. Dorsey only had one carry. No catches. He came in on a fair amount of plays, but didn't get many chances. We tried to run a couple of screens to him. Roman Phifer leveled him on one and forced Donovan to scramble. Tough way to end a season.

Westbrook had a good game, but not a great one. He was very limited in the running game. NE just owned the line of scrimmage. Westy is one of the few RBs gifted enough to go east-west and still get upfield. The Pats did a good job of tackling him. Even when he did make a guy miss, he was held up long enough that the other defenders got over to him.

Brian did make some things happen in the passing game. Did an excellent job on the TD catch. Beat his DB and caught the pass. His best catch came in the 3rd Qtr. We had a 3rd down deep in NE territory. Westy beat a CB on a crossing route. Donovan put the ball behind him. Brian reached out and pulled it in and got the 1st. Huge play. He caught at least one screen. We had to adjust the way we ran it. Had Westy delay at the LOS, but didn't drift. Also, we had Hicks as the downfield blocker. Normally screens have a G and C or just a C. McNabb did dump the ball to Westy a couple of times late in the game. He let the WRs stretch the D and then took off across the middle. 2 nice gains. Did have one drop late. Could have been a big play. Brian had a huge area that the DBs had vacated and the LBs had blitzed.

The thing that Westbrook did the best was block. He was outstanding at blitz pickup. He put Bruschi on his @ss on one play. Brian is small, but strong. And he gave it very good effort.

Josh Parry did not have a good game. He caught one pass for 2 yds. Burned up 40 seconds. Should have dropped it. His blocking was inconsistent. Went from marginal to bad. He didn't go much as a lead blocker. Our best runs came in the one back set. He whiffed on at least one blitz pickup. He blocked Colvin on another, but only for a second. If we keep Josh, he has to learn to be aggressive and get the other guy. He needs to watch Brian and how he blocks.

WR - They played better than any other unit in the game. Did you think we could say that and the Eagles would lose?

TO played a sensational game. He was only at 80 or 85%, but you can see how good he truly is. He lacked explosion, but still had two 30+ yd catches. I don't remember any analyst talking about how he could out muscle Patriot DBs, but TO did. He caught the ball and used Randall Gay like a rag doll. Owens ran good routes. He cut well. He planted well. Got off the LOS with no problems. He made some huge plays. The Pats single covered him a lot and he burned them all game long.

Despite the two big plays, his most impressive catch was shorter. We had a 3rd/8 play on our last scoring drive. TO ran an Out pattern. Donovan got the ball out, but it wasn't a perfect throw. Owens brought it in just at the sideline. Great concentration and body control, especially for a selfish WR who hurt the team by forcing his coach to play him.

Biggest surprise was his Run After Catch ability. RAC yards are a big part of his game, but I thought he'd be limited in that regard. TO did a fantastic job of getting upfield. He always made sure to get out of bounds, but that is smart with a questionable ankle. I do have to give the Patriots credit for one thing. None of them went for the ankle in a cheap shot way that I could tell.

Todd Pinkston came up big in the 1st half. He left with severe cramps in the 2nd half. His 40 yd catch helped to set up our first TD. Todd leapt up and grabbed the pass. Picture perfect. He had chances like this on two other plays. He got his feet tangled on one and the jump was terrible. On the other, he went up, but couldn't bring the pass in. Pinky had three other grabs. One was even a crossing route. Big catch on 3rd down. He played well.

Greg Lewis replaced Todd in the 2nd half. He finished with 4 catches, including a TD. Excellent job on the TD. Greg was in the left slot. He was singled covered by the FS. Greg got to full speed quickly and ran right at the DB. Before the DB could get into a backpedal, Lewis was to the inside and had him beat. He went up and snagged the pass, a wobbler.

Freddie...what to say. I really feel for this guy. Yeah, he shot his mouth off. But he was joking. Did he get a chance to make up for it? No. Donovan just doesn't get him the ball. Freddie had 4 passes come his way, but only one catch. Two passes were underthrown and one was an overthrow. Freddie blocked well for the most part. He got away with a big time hold on a short run by #36. His highlight was a pick play where he leveled the DB chasing TO on his 30 yd catch in the 1st half. Could have been a penalty.

TE - LJ Smith had a solid game. Finished with 4 catches and a TD. He was forced to stay in and block quite a bit. LJ got beaten a time or two, but did okay for the most part. The TD catch was very nice. He got behind the LB and snared a tough pass. I'm not sure how his back was for most of the game. Roman Phifer got a big shot right in his back after an INT in the 1st Qtr. LJ struggled to get up at first. He continued to play, but I'm sure he was in pain.

Jeff Thomason had a quiet night. He blocked alright, but nothing of any note.

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OL - The offensive line played better than I thought they had. Donovan had good protection on a lot of throws. We got no push in the run game and there was no answer for Dick Seymour.

The Pats played a lot of 4-3, essentially. And their blitzing didn't confuse us that much. They beat our blocks when they got pressure.

Tra had an up and down game. He was good in pass protection, for the most part. We ran the ball well to the left side. Tra did a good job of sealing his guy in or blocking him out. On power type runs, he didn't have much luck. Didn't move his guy backward. The guy that bothered him was Seymour. The Pats would have #93 line up to Tra's inside. We'd have a protection on that called for Tra to block him and that was tough. Seymour is so quick upfield that Tra would slide laterally and have little chance to stay in front. He rode Seymour wide a couple of times. Tra was supposed to block Seymour when we were at our 4 on the last drive. He shot inside and Tra had no chance to block him. That flushed McNabb and led to a bad pass to Westy. The LBs/DEs didn't give Tra much of a problem from the outside.

Artis did not have a good game. He had some nice moments. He did well when Hank helped him to double on Seymour. Hicks had a couple of nice run blocks. However, Artis struggled with Seymour by himself. He let Jarvis Green beat him to the inside. He didn't stick with his blocks well. He would get his hands on a guy and then the defender would work off the block and affect the play. He didn't consistently get a good push in the run game.

Hank had an up and down game. He got virtually no push in the run game. He did okay in pass protection, but still got pushed around. He missed Bruschi a couple of times on run plays. Tedy made the tackle on one of them. We couldn't run the ball inside at all.

Jermane was solid, as usual. He didn't have to face Seymour as much, but did get him a couple of times. He is crafty enough to recover when beaten and still keep his guy off the QB. Normally, Mayberry is a good drive blocker. He did ok, but didn't get his normal push.

Runyan had a solid game. He did get beaten around the edge a couple of times, but overall did fine in pass protection. He was ok as a run blocker, but we went away from him mostly. Jon did throw a LB to the ground once. That was fun to watch. He came around on a Trap Draw play and missed Bruschi. Tedy then tackled Westy a yard short of the 1st down. That was not fun to watch.

The group did give up 4 sacks, but it wasn't all their fault. One sack came vs an empty set. Bruschi blitzed and there was no one to block him. One sack came because Donovan tried to scramble. This wasn't like last year when our OL gave up 13 sacks in 2 playoff games and looked bad. Nothing close. Donovan was sacked once every 14 times he dropped back. That isn't bad. Plus, it isn't like he scrambled a lot to avoid them. My biggest concern is that we weren't strong enough to run on them and block their guys. No way to sugarcoat that fact. We were out-muscled.

---- I'm working on the defensive notes. That post will be up soon. ----

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Bring back Bob Paulson.

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Our defense did a pretty good job on them. We kept Brady and Dillon largely in check. What hurt were those long scoring drives. They made enough key plays to move the chains. And when they got deep, they scored TDs. Normally, teams struggle to get into the endzone vs. us. The Pats were 3 for 3, aside from the fluke fumble by Brady.

Jim Johnson blitzed them early. The Pats responded by using long snap counts to make us expose our blitzes before the snap. We also feared Corey Dillon, so our Nickel LBs were Trot and Sim. Normally we use Nate and Ike. JJ figured that NE would spread us out and run, so he stayed big in the Nickel. Worked, for the most part.

The Pats ran several screens on us. They were very effective passes. They would get in a pass set of 3 WRs. NE would bring a WR in motion to the side with a WR and TE. That drew most of the defense. Then they screened to the weakside. They would have 2 OL for one LB. That play killed us.


DE - Jevon Kearse did not have the impact I thought he would. I really thought he would overwhelm Matt Light. I don't know if it was the flu or what, but he was largely contained. He did make a couple of plays vs the run, getting Dillon down twice. Got penetration on another play that allowed Trot to make a TFL. NE used a lot of double teams on Kearse. They were trying to wear him down. They knew he missed practice with the flu. The doubles came on run and pass plays. JJ had Jevon drop back in coverage 4 or 5 times. Played only RDE that I noticed.

Derrick Burgess was the best of our DL. He had a sack and got pressure on Brady a couple of other times. Derrick used a good inside move to beat the RT and get Tom. He hit Brady on a play where Tom drifted toward him. That caused an incompletion on 3rd down. He did struggle when the Patriots ran at him. Derrick needs to be stronger at the point of attack. Tough for a 260lb DE, but he will get better as he works on his technique. All about leverage. He also lost contain on one running play. Usually he's very disciplined, but took a dumb inside route once. The RT downblocked and drove him. Dillon cutback and had a 25 yd run. Derrick did hustle and play hard. He chased Dillon down on a screen pass and get him from behind. He also shot inside on a 3rd/3 play and held up Faulk on a Draw. Simon finished off the tackle. Big stop.

Hugh Douglas got in for a few plays. Nothing of note.

Jerome McDougle looked okay. He played both RDE and LDE. He beat the RT to the outside twice, but Brady threw the ball before Jerome got near him. Best play came when he shed a TE's block and tackled Dillon for a short gain.

DT - So-so game at best. They didn't get much pass rush at all and were inconsistent vs the run game.

Darwin Walker looked the best. He did a very good job of getting down the LOS and being involved in plays. Excellent hustle. Came out of a pile with a big fumble recovery after Brady's snafu. Played RDE on a 3rd/2 play. They ran at him and got the 1st. Did have one awesome body slam of Corey Dillon.

Corey Simon was a major disappointment. He had one TFL that came as a result of Burgess penetration. Was called for a very questionable Roughing the Passer penalty. He got near Brady on another pass, but was too late. Just didn't make much happen.

Hollis Thomas had some okay moments. Like Darwin, he was hustling. Pursued very well. Chased down Dillon on a screen pass 15 yds downfield. Hollis has great awareness. The Pats didn't run up the middle very well. Hollis helped to clog things.

Sam Rayburn had some good moments. He had a TFL. Had another play where he used a spin move on an OL and brought Dillon down for a short gain. Didn't get much of a pass rush at all. I thought Sam would be more effective vs the interior of the Pats line.

LB - Not sure how to rate this group. They made some good plays, but none of any major significance. The tackling was okay, but could have been better.

Jeremiah Trotter wasn't as effective as he'd been recently. The Pats figured out the best way to avoid him was to run to the edges. And they did. Run left, run right. Screen left, screen right. Trot had 4 tackles. He had one TFL, maybe two. He got a bit frustrated and took some bad angles. Ran around one block to get to Faulk, but didn't get there. Came up big late in the game when we had to stop them, but it was too little too late.

Keith Adams had 5 tackles, but a quiet game. He wasn't the same as the last few weeks. Hard to say why. Missed a tackle on Daniel Graham in the flat. He didn't miss at all vs ATL. Late in the game, he seemed more into it. He shot upfield, went inside the OL and nailed the RB for a short gain.

Mark Simoneau played some WIL, in the goal line, and in the Nickel. He was only credited with 2 stops. One came in the Red zone. Mark fired upfield and knocked the RB down for no gain. I didn't think he was bad. Had one screen pass where Trot told him it was coming before the play. Mark dropped back and shadowed the RB. Unfortunately, Corey and Derrick flew upfield and the CB was way downfield. Mark was on his own vs 2 OL. They blocked him and the play got about 15 yds.

Dhani Jones didn't seem to be in the game as much. That's because NE ran a lot of 3 and 4 WR sets to get us out of our base D. He was fine while in there. Early in the game, Jones did a good job of holding the POA. The Pats really started attacking the weakside.

Nate played on some Nickel situations. He blitzed twice, but both times was late getting near Brady.

Ike played LB in our Dime D. Had 2 tackles. Missed Givens on a short crossing route.

DB - Our DBs played a solid game, but didn't make any plays. We didn't have many chances, but missed on the couple we needed to hit on.

Lito Sheppard had the biggest error. He gave up the TD to Givens. Lito knew where Givens was. He was cheating toward the middle of the field, thinking Brady couldn't throw the ball outside without him getting to it. He followed Brady's eyes inside and that hesitation was enough for the pass to Givens for the TD. He gave up a couple of catches to Branch (who didn't ). Nothing major.

Sheldon Brown had to cover Branch a lot and struggled with him. Some Man and some Zone. Played the slot a lot. The biggest play was on 2nd/13. Brady fired a perfect pass to Branch. Brown missed the ball by a couple of inches. Couldn't pick it off or deflect it. Gain of 19. Huge play.

Rod Hood played the slot a lot also. Normally, Dexter Wynn will be a slot guy in our Dime D. We let Ware stay outside and Rod came in. He was fine. Had one very nice tackle in the Red Zone on a WR.

Matt Ware held up very well for as much action as he saw. Had the play of the night by a DB when he broke up a pass. Used his long reach to come around the WR and deflect the ball. Matt doesn't match up with their little WRs so well. He's big. He moves well, but doesn't have the most fluid hips. He got beaten by Branch. Promising performance by Matt. Was in on a lot of tackles. Also, showed a lot of confidence. Didn't look bothered in the least by the Patriots or the atmosphere.

Mike Lewis was our best defensive player. He led the team with 6 tackles and was very good vs. the run. Mike came up early and cleaned up anything that got through the front 7. Lito had a WR get free from him on 3rd/short and Mike took him out. He broke up a pass on the first series by running through David Patten. Batted down a pass on a blitz in the Red Zone. Timed a blitz perfectly in the 3rd Qtr and hit Brady as he threw. The ball was up in the air, but Trot couldn't see it at first and Sim was too far away to get it. So close...

Dawk had a relatively quiet game. He played back a lot and came up and hit a lot of guys after they had made the catch. Brian was credited with 5 tackles. Didn't have much of an impact. JJ had him play slot CB early on in some formations. He had one real frustrating play to watch. 3rd/2. The Pats ran to the left. Dawk had contain to that side. He hesitated for a minute to make sure it wasn't a fake. Then he shot upfield. FB Patrick Pass blocked him. Dawk knew to stay outside, but Pass held him and let Dillon get the edge. No call.

ST's -

Akers didn't have much to do. 3 extra points. 3 KO's. His one big moment was the onside kick. Not a good one. However, as well as NE blocked, it didn't matter. It would have taken the greatest onside kick ever for us to have a chance. Awesome job of blocking by the Patriots. Give credit where credit is due.

Dirk Johnson had a good game, except for one punt. And it was a critical one. We had the ball at our own 12 and Mr. Diggler unleashed a 29 yder. Yikes. The Pats ended up with the ball at the 37 after the return.

Our return game wasn't much to speak of. Rod Hood took one KO out to the 39. JR Reed was okay, but nothing big. Miller punted the ball well and we didn't get many good chances.

The most critical error in STs was not catching the punt at the end of the game. The ball hit at the 15 and was downed at the 4. Those 11 yards may not have meant much in the end, but it would have been a huge morale boost not to be pinned so deep.

Weird note...the Pats knocked the **** out of Mike Bartrum throughout the game. He was consistently getting knocked back a couple of yards after each snap.

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A synopsis?

Here's a synopsis .... from Patriots.com:
"The New England Patriots have won three out of the last four world championships and are easily the most dominant team of this century with their 24-21 win over the Eagles. Super Bowl XXXIX is in the books."
Thee End