View Full Version : 4th and long - Holley goes to PS

09-07-2009, 03:08 PM
Figure I'll post this no matter how much I hate the Cowpies .... During that dead period where anything football helps when you need a fix "4th and long" helped with the witdrawls .... Holley was an easy guy to root for , Wish him luck (and that he lands on someone elses roster).

For Holley, Sunday's announcement should be a satisfying conclusion to a remarkable journey. The first-year wideout was working at a security monitoring company earlier this year when he signed up for Michael Irvin's reality show "4th and Long" - a televised competition to determine the 80th man on the Cowboys' training camp roster.

Holley won the camp contract and competed for a job through Friday's finale at Minnesota, when he returned a live punt 82 yards for the game-winning touchdown.