View Full Version : Vikings@Texans Sec 134 Row R for Sale + 2 Orange Parking Passes

Second Honeymoon
08-24-2009, 12:02 AM
I am selling 4 tickets to Vikings@Texans.

Section 134 Row R. Face Value $73/a piece and 2 Parking Passes (Orange Lot)

Willing to split them up and sell just 2. They are all in a row and are aisle seats. Hidden Bonus.

Selling all 4 plus passes at face value OBO. Will throw in both parking passes for free.

If you only need 2 tickets, that is cool. Same face value deal OBO but only one parking pass.

Witness a moment in NFL History with Favre making his first National TV appearance in a Vikings uniform and probably will play at least the first half. Plus Game 3 of preseason is the closest thing to regular season football in the preseason.

I am not trying to make a killing off this, I am just trying to recoup some of the cost if possible. If things are tight, make me a reasonable offer and I will see what I can do. They are damn good seats and you are right on the action in the endzone. We are in the opposite endzone of the Bullpen and super easy access to aisle (aisle seats), concessions, restrooms, that Jose Cuervo restaurant, and the smoking area.

These seats rock.

Also, I am selling seats over the course of the season in the same section. Mom and Dad just don't have a lot of energy to go to all the games so if there is a regular season game you are interested in (other than Titans game) let me know and I can sell those too. Always just at face value.

PM me or email me at dvanhorne@hal-pc.org if interested

I can exchange numbers then and come up with a meeting place. I work down near 610 and 290 and live in Spring so we can find a public meeting place of your choosing to make transaction. If you use PayPal we could do some sort of WillCall situation but would prefer to hand you the tickets myself to insure no problems for you and your friends/family re:willcall drama.

Second Honeymoon
08-24-2009, 02:52 PM

Section134 RowR (endzone seats and aisle seats to boot)
all 4 tickets for $200 plus 2 parking passes (orange) for free.

if you want just 2 that is $100 and 1 pass thrown in for free.

Stackin' em deep and sellin' em cheap.