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02-07-2005, 03:52 PM
1. Marcus Spears- he improved his stock at the senior bowl and will impress at combines. He may not be the sexy pick that AJ was but will pay huge dividends.

2. David Bass- he can play center or guard, but he is a natural guard. i would like to see him on the right side instead of weigert. Bass is one of the top guards in the draft.

3a. Jason Brown- One of the strongest players in the draft and a big center with fairly quick feet. Could push mckinny this year

3b. Antonio Perkins- I've seen him projected higher, but i feel he will fall this far after combines; yes he is fast but not much else is going for him, cb is a really deep position this year. Replaces moses and plays in nickle and dime packages.

4. Kenvin Everett- Solid prospect out of miami, understands the game and can block and catch better than our two right now (jouroppe is not counted as of right now but i fully expect him to start this season) This is more of an insurence pick.

5. Boomer Grigsby- Tremendous athlete with an even better carrer. Most celebrated Div.II prospect. He is a better fit for the 3-4 than johnson and will actually be available.

6. Sione Pouha- Underated player who can clog the middle. He won't be a huge impact player but should be a good NT in the future.

7. Maurice Calerett- I personally do not like this guy for his character, but he is a very low risk-high reward kinda guy. Has unbelievable natural skills, still has not matured fully. could be a solid back up or trade bait in a few years.

what do yall think of this mock? i didnt have a lot of time to go through it, but i tried to be reasonable with all the picks. dj WILL NOT be there w/our pick. I have covered the D line, O line, MLB, TE, RB, and a cb who can double as a return man. That is pretty much what everyone has talked about needing and these are the guys i see available in each round. post comments and YOUR edits and YOUR MOCK DRAFTS.

02-07-2005, 04:01 PM
Chances are Everett, Grigsby, and Clarett won't be available at those particular picks...As far as positions go, you are pretty much dead-on though...

I would probably go...

1. Spears
2. Baas
3a. Chris Spencer, C, Ole Miss
3b. Perkins
4. Grigsby
5. Brandon Jacobs, RB, Southern Illinois
6. Pouha
7. Anthony Curtis, TE, Portland St. (probably won't be available here)...

As long as we get Spears and Baas, I'd be ecstatic though...

02-07-2005, 04:09 PM
As long as we get Spears and Baas, I'd be ecstatic though...

I would be excited to see grigsby. i really want to see his potential play out.

02-07-2005, 04:40 PM
this isn't really a mock draft... I just went pick by pick and selected one player from each side of the ball that I would want in that slot

13 OLB Dan Cody/Matt Roth or TE Heath Miller
it is no secret that I want an OLB, I just don't know which one will be the best (Pollack is up there but at this point he is not on the top of my list)... as the season wore on it became clear that we need a multirole TE in the Frank Wycheck mold and Miller has the size, build, and, most importantly, the approach to his game as a former quarterback and safety needed to be an elite allpurpose TE in the NFL (I think neither Edwards nor Williams falls to us, but Troy Williamson could merit a 13 pick by draftday)

47 NT/DE Luis Castillo/Mike Patterson or OT Adam Terry
we will see who projects more favorably in the middle as draft day approaches, since neither is a prototype NT, but both could get the job done... Terry is a big kid who has plenty of room to grow and has played in a relatively balanced offense at Syracuse 2145 rush yards vs 2042 pass yards (he could probably play NT as well)

73 OLB Bill Swancutt or WR Matt Jones
Swancutt might not be of the same caliber as Roth/Cody/Pollack, but he is a great player whose negatives at DE are not so glaring at OLB... they say Matt Jones at 6'6" 240 lbs has made the smoothest transition between QB and WR since Randle El

78 ILB/OLB Adam Seward or OG Logan Mankins
Seward is a phenomenal natural athlete who I think would be effective at every slot in the LB corps... Mankins is usually labeled nasty as regards to his run blocking, though he has had injury trouble, but it seems like an isolated thing from the preseason of 2003, and the Texans haven't shown any tendency to avoid injury concern in the past

108 NT/DE Sione Pouha/Jason Jefferson or OG Dan Buenning
he would be another stopgap until we can find a real NT like Ngata next year... Buenning is as reliable as they come and every team could use an agriculrural journalism major to liven up the clubhouse

142 ILB/OLB/SS/FS Captain America or RB Brandon Jacobs
if he played in the bigXII, he would be a top five pick; bigger faster and stronger than any other LB in the draft... the 260 lb rockpounder that Capers seems to covet

173 SS Matt Grootegoed or OT Daniel Loper
Grootegoed has the potential to be one of the best safeties in the league, kind of a freak hybrid between Lynch and Polomalu... Loper would be a great asset even if he never played a down, because he could instruct the coaching staff in the basics of pass protection that we slept through in NFL fundamentals class

204 NB/FS/SS Jim Leonhard or TE Cody McCarty
I have a theory that as the rules and offenses change that the importance of the nickelback will be drastically enhanced; no longer will the best nickelback be the number three corner, but instead a player whose role is specifically to be the 'slot' defensive back; I think that undersized hardhitting safeties with superior coverage skills will fit that role very efficiently... If you don't like Cody McCarty then you probably have a commie flag tacked up on the wall inside your garage (I label him a TE, but he would probably be as effective is Foreman or Polk at LB)

206 ILB Jordan Beck or WR BigPlayTrey Haverty
In california, they think that Jordan Beck is as good as the Captain just smaller... not to many all-americans will be on the board at 206 and he fills my alumni-ship void for the day

02-07-2005, 04:51 PM
i have seen many people refer to captin america. who is this (besides the cartoon.) are we talking raw athlete or just a name you threw in there for joke puposes?

02-07-2005, 04:54 PM
I meant Boomer Grigsby, but I am used to posting at HPF and they don't mention his true identity over there

02-08-2005, 11:10 AM
*is having Deja Vu*

02-08-2005, 01:24 PM
1. OLB Shawne Merrimen Maryland
2. OG Elton Brown Virginia
3. DE Luis Castillo Northwestern
3. CB Fabian Washington Nebraska
4. C Geoff Hangartner Texas A&M
5. DT Antonio Bryant Alabama
6. WR Matt Jones Arkansas
7. S Jermaine Harris South Carolina

02-09-2005, 01:38 PM
Trade down with St. Louis for their 3rd rd pick from Miami

1-19) Marcus Spears-DE-LSU
Eventual replacement for Walker/injects youth and athleticism into the defense

2-45) David Bass-C-Michigan
Could push McKinney back to G which is a more natural position for him and upgrade protection for Carr

3-66) Antonio Perkins-CB/PR-Oklahoma
Moses has been ok for us but Capers has come out and said he would like our returner to be multi-purpose and Perkins would be an ideal nickelback.

3-75) Marcus Lawerence-ILB-South Carolina
We will eventually need to replace both Sharper and Foreman for cap reasons and Lawerence would be an ideal 3-4 ILB with his rush, run stopping, and coverage abilities

3-77) Matt Jones-WR-Arkansas
It wouldn't be a Casserly draft without a QB in there. This one gets turned into an offensive weapon for Carr.

4-109) Manuel White-FB-UCLA
He is a bit of a tweener, a RB in a FB's body, a tough physical runner that can catch. Capers wants a bruiser and White adds that too the mix

5-141) Boomer Grisgby-ILB-Illinois St.
A sleeper with potential to groom under Sharper and Foreman and eventual help replace them

6-173) Anthony Curtis-TE-Portland St.
Has good size, tall and rangy frame and is an excellent blocker. Has potential in the passing game and is a good developement player

7-205) Antwaun Rogers-CB-Purdue
Has tons of experience and is fast but very lean and could get outmuscled. Can't have too many CB with Peyton in our division

CB Gary Baxter-With Peyton and now Chow in our division CB are a must
S Jarrod Cooper-Grew up in Pearland and is a special teams standout.
NT Kendrick Clancy-provides depth at NT
WR Mushin Mohammed-Provides AJ and Carr some help