View Full Version : Schaub's health is key to Houston's hopes

08-16-2009, 12:45 PM
HOUSTON - Matt Schaub should be proud of his offseason accomplishments.

Schaub's strength and conditioning improved through rigorous workouts. His mastery of Houston's high-powered offensive system continued to grow. And his standing as the franchise's starting quarterback was further solidified when quality backup Sage Rosenfels was traded to Minnesota.

There was just one thing Schaub didn't get done. He never found the voodoo sadist who keeps sticking pins into a Schaub kewpie doll.

"We're going to find him this year," a laughing Schaub said after a recent Texans preseason practice. "I'm going to put that to rest."

If he does, Houston may rest atop the AFC South in 2009.

Schaub's health issues shoulder, knee and concussion have marred two otherwise solid seasons in Houston. He finished last year ranked among the NFL's top four quarterbacks in average passing yards (276.6 a game) and completion percentage (66.1). Only San Diego's Philip Rivers averaged more yards per completion (8.4) than Schaub (8.0).

But for the second straight year, Schaub was forced to miss five contests with injuries.

"If we can keep him healthy for 16 games, a lot more people will see how good he is," Texans offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Kyle Shanahan said.

Schaub enters his sixth NFL season with the reputation of being fragile. The criticism isn't necessarily fair. The NFL levied nearly six figures in fines to three players for illegal hits that knocked Schaub from the field. That includes a $50,000 penalty against Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen last November for a knee-damaging low hit.


08-16-2009, 12:55 PM
i dont know dan played decent in PS1 we need everyone to stay healthy

08-16-2009, 01:18 PM
i dont know dan played decent in PS1 we need everyone to stay healthy

He did but if he has to start 6 games this season we're pretty much toast. Of course, if Peyton had to do the same thing they would be toast. Same for the Titans and most other NFL teams. The Pats are run by some sort of mad evil genius and I would sell my soul for a dynasty too.