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07-14-2009, 05:13 PM
I've been thinking it might be a good idea to have some kind of daily news links thread. Something where all the TexansTalk posters can come and either share links of stories they found or take advantage of the links others have found. "Texans Today" or something. Especially in this, the longest dead time of the entire year, any snippit of news is a welcomed distraction.

The more educated about this team we are the more enjoyable it is to watch them. I have been a Texans fan since the team got it's name and I always follwed them but it was when I started learning more and more about them from an X's and O's perspective as well as on a personal level that I really became obsessed. It's just alot of fun to be able to root for your team when you know a bit more about what's going on with them.

I thought I would share some of the places I go for my daily Texans fix. {The idea for the daily links thread would be actual links to specific stories. This is just a list of sites that I find news about the Texans frequently.} If anyone has any they want to add feel free.

starting with the most general and working my way into the more in depth:

(home base. general news)

(not the first to report on anything but access nobody else has)

(not really reporting anything ever, but Texans Chick's blog and Lance Z's blog are there. two of the best sources for knowledgeable information and informed commentary on our Texans)

(paul kuharsky gives links to stories I missed sometimes and offers division based commentary and news which is a very nice perspective to have)

(alan burge's site is a must visit during the offseason. he's finding stories worth reading at the slowest of times)

(diehard chris' site. he also has links to stories from other sites as well as a nifty feature called "texans on the web" which sadly has me now apart of the twitter world. It's always refreshing to hear that Andre Johnson is home safely from his birthday weekend. ;) etc.)

(a collection of blog based websites run by some of our beloved players such as Eric Winston, Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith. All their updates in one place!)

(podcasts from their radio shows. frequently with long format interviews with players and coaches.)

and finally...

(this guy is probably the smartest, most informed poster on this board. anything he says is pretty much fact.)

Just kidding. Everybody knows that Dale Murphy was almost hired by the Texans last year, he's your go-to. Unless you're Ephriam Salaam... then I'd stay away. I once saw Dale give Ephriam bad directions to a bridge that was under construction. True story.

Anyway, I know there are other links out there but I find these to be the most informed and quick to update with actual information that is interesting and useful.

any secret gems of Texans Football news that I'm missing feel free to chime in!

Go Texans.

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These are strictly in alphabetical order, because I love both sites:


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These are strictly in alphabetical order, because I love both sites:


haven't seen much from DGDB&D lately on our Texans. I love the rants though.


ahhh ever critical sally cap info! good addition.