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06-11-2009, 08:41 AM
Long offseason but I agree with this article...being up in NE has helped insulate this guy from alot of national press that would follow say a Cowboy coach or a coach elsewhere.


In scanning the globe this morning for the thrill of victory and the agony of sports media defeat, I came across a piece from the Boston Herald via The Big Lead about the social life of Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Looks like he may have gotten engaged to blond bombshell Linda Holliday.

That got me thinking. Can you imagine what the media coverage would be if Belichick coached America's Team instead of Foxborough's? Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson would get nary a mention. Maybe we should refer to the current coach of the Cowboys as "Staid Wade."

An excerpt from the Herald's story:

As you may know, Holliday and Belichick began keeping company two years ago while Bill was in the throes of scandal over being named The Other Man in a New Jersey divorce. Belichick and wife of 28 years, Debby, divorced in 2006 and right around the same time Jersey construction worker Vincent Shenocca filed court papers accusing the coach of stealing his blonde, fortysomething wife, Sharon .

Sharon, a former secretary for the New York Giants, admitted to the court that Belichick was supplying her with cash, posh vacations, gym memberships, furniture and even a $2 million Brooklyn townhouse - but insisted they weren't romantically involved. And although she had traveled to football games to see him, the trips stopped shortly after Linda arrived on the scene.

Holliday, for her part, is a thrice-divorced mother of two teenage girls. Her kids now attend Belichick's alma mater, Phillips Academy in Andover, and the coach has reportedly bought or rented Holliday a house in Hingham near his bachelor digs.

06-11-2009, 08:56 AM
Sounds like he tries to keep his women at a distance.