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05-24-2009, 02:54 PM
Somehow....this is not a surprise.



A consultant who helped the Dallas Cowboys with upgrades last year to their collapsed practice facility served time in a federal prison for his actions while connected to a violent drug-trafficking ring, The Dallas Morning News has reported.

Jeffrey Lawrence Galland, the former engineering director of JCI, a Las Vegas-based company, pleaded guilty to using a firearm during a violent crime, and conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana, according to court records, the newspaper reported.

Records detailed Galland, 42, as a part of a group that smuggled drugs from Washington state to Montana, the newspaper report said. Galland and an accomplice once used a shotgun and semiautomatic rifle in an attempt at collecting a drug debt, according to the paper.

05-24-2009, 04:14 PM
This is horrible and I ackowledge the automatic punch line however I think this paragraph says it all

JCI and Canada-based Summit Structures, which built the Cowboys' practice facility in 2003 and supervised last year's upgrades, have worked in tandem extensively in recent years, the report said. Galland's work for the Cowboys was done under the supervision of JCI president Scott Jacobs, a licensed engineer, according to the report. Jacobs did not respond to interview requests from the newspaper.

So in reality the Cowboys might have hired the wrong company, etc and the collapse was a tragedy but the headline on ESPN should have been more on how JCI did a horrible job in their hiring process compared..it inferred the Cowboys hired this guy directly.

Overall unfortunate for all invloved.

05-25-2009, 12:04 AM
You're right overall really just terrible for everyone involved, I can't say to what degree for those who have had their lives dramatically altered by the events of the practice facility collapse.

It's just as more information is dug out you can't help but wonder how the organization as a whole proceeded with the facilty top to bottom.