View Full Version : Gault:Still racing around 25 years later

05-02-2009, 05:18 PM
The man in blue in Lane 2 looked just like the ripped young runners on either side of him, chiseled from head to toe. Yet there was a subtle difference in his demeanor. Cool and measured, he didn’t leap up and down like the others before settling into his blocks.

“On your marks,” boomed the starter.

Taking his sweet time, the man eased his lean frame into position for the open 100-meter dash at the Mt. SAC Relays in Southern California. One runner couldn’t hold back and popped a false start, but the man in blue paid no mind. The gun fired again, and he exploded off the line, his long, muscled legs seeming to float off the ground.

A football fan might have imagined him dashing under a long pass from Jim McMahon in the 1985 Super Bowl. Any spectator could have been forgiven for rubbing his eyes as if experiencing a flashback.

The man in blue was Willie Gault. A 48-year-old Willie Gault. The same Willie Gault who played 11 seasons in the NFL after getting drafted in the first round – in 1983.

Decades later, Gault still has world-class speed. His 10.80 clocking at Mt. SAC a couple weeks ago – not bad for his first 100 of the season – was only seven tenths of a second slower than his personal best nearly 30 years ago.