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04-29-2009, 08:06 AM
And the Texans are in the middle of the pile.:

2009 Rookie Pool Numbers Are Released (http://www.profootballtalk.com/2009/04/28/2009-rookie-pool-numbers-are-released/)

Though the NFL doesn’t yet have a rookie wage scale, the league has used for more than 15 years a rookie salary pool.

Each year, the 32 teams are assigned a maximum cap value that may be devoted to all of a given team’s draft picks. The amount is determined based upon the number of draft picks, the rounds in which they are used, and the specific place in each round a selection was made.

This year’s team-by-team rookie pool numbers are right here [See below].

The Lions have the most, at $8.074 million, due to having two first-round picks — one of which was the first overall.

The Saints, who had only three draft picks, have the least, at $2.8 million.

The rookie pool applies only to the first year of the players’ contracts, but separate rules limit future growth to 25 percent of the first-year salary, excluding signing bonus allocation. As a result, many first-round picks don’t receive signing bonuses, and the guaranteed money is achieved by guaranteeing most of the base salaries under the deal.

AFC East

Bills: $5,940,374

Dolphins: $4,820,998

Patriots: $6,032,711

Jets: $3,429,442

AFC North

Ravens: $3,372,231

Bengals: $6,636,324

Browns: $4,928,948

Steelers: $4,284,902

AFC South

Texans: $4,603,346

Colts: $4,079,726

Jaguars: $5,737,150

Titans: $5,158,799

AFC West

Broncos: $7,117,871

Chiefs: $5,538,247

Raiders: $5,048,693

Chargers: $4,200,683

NFC East

Cowboys: $4,639,193

Giants: $4,867,462

Eagles: $4,060,021

Redskins: $3,460,954

NFC North

Bears: $3,497,111

Lions: $8,074,992

Packers; $5,443,396

Vikings: $3,064,512

NFC South

Falcons: $4,126,197

Panthers: $3,326,694

Saints: $2,802,342

Buccaneers: $3,359,466

Cardinals: $3,976,197

NFC West

49ers: $4,107,801

Rams: $5,825,441

Seahawks: $5,192,801