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01-23-2005, 03:30 PM
First of the year give me some slack :hmmm:

1 San Francisco:
Alex smith QB-better fit than rogers
2 Miami:
Ronnie brown RB-He is a better fit than benson
3 Cleveland:
Aaron rogers QB-Jeffs not the answer
4 Chicago:
Braylon Edwards-they need some one to help REX grow
5 Tampa Bay:
Alex Barron OT- they need to fix there o-line more than they need pitmans replacment
6 Tennessee:
Mike williams Wr-I dont think they can keep masson and williams is a playmaker
7 Oakland:
Antrell Rolle CB-Bucanan is not the answer so they take anther maim CB
8 Arizona:
Cedric Benson RB- Emmitt Smith is not doing it and they need a plamaker in the backfield
9 Washington:
Erasmus James DE- they need to get some pressure of the edge he does that
10 Detroit:
Tomas davis SS-Gives them a true playmaker on the secondary
11 Dallas:
Adam Jones CB- packman is a great fit in Dallas
12 San Diego (from New York Giants):
Derrick Johnson OLB- Donnie cant play forever and Derrick Johnson is the BPA
13 Houston:
Anttaj Hawthorne NT- the texans need to get some pressure up the middle and O-line can be fixed in the latter round
14 Carolina:
Jammal Brown OT- need to fix the O-line more than anything
15 Kansas City:
Carlos Rogers CB-they need to fix the D now
16 New Orleans:
Shaun Cody DT-They need to replace The Bust
17 Cincinnati:
David Pollack DE- Not a huge need just BPA
18 Minnesota:
Brandon Browner CB/FS-Where else do you find a 64 210lb CB that runs a low 4.4? Brian Russell is also a free agent and they need another hard hitting ball hawk to take over at FS
19 St. Louis:
Adam Terry OT- they need help becase it looks like turley is done
20 Dallas (from Buffalo):
Shawne Merriman OLB-DE-word is they might smithch to a 3-4 and Merriman can play in both
21 Jacksonville:
Marcus Spears DE- they get the DE they need
22 Baltimore:
Roddy White WR- thet need a WR and white has huge upside
23 Seattle:
Carnell Williams RB- they cant tag all ther free agents And a LT is harder to find than a RB
24 Green Bay:
Dan Cody DE- Qb will be fixed later and ther pass rush made there D look horibal this year
25 Denver:
Heath Miller TE -they need a TE to make Jake look good
26 New York Jets:
Ernest Shazor SS- tounge did a bad job and is old and slow
27 Atlanta:
Channing Crowder MLb- Needs some one to help brooking make some plays
28 San Diego:
Mark Clayton WR -they need a good WR to replace mccardell
29 Indianapolis:
Justin Miller CB- they luck out and miller falls to them to help a BAd D
30 New England
Marlin Jackson CB- they need some one to replace Ty and Marlin seems like Pats guy
31 Philadelphia
Troy Williamson WR- fred EX did step but just is not a #2 WR Troy give mcnab a option outside of TO and Westbroke
32 Pittsburgh
Kevin Everett TE-Big ben needs a TE that can be a passing threat and Pittsburgh dosent rellay have any huge needs

01-23-2005, 03:47 PM
23 Seattle:
Carnell Williams RB- they cant tag all ther free agents And a LT is harder to find than a RB

That's a good point. I heard during the season that Holmgren had some problems with Alexander's running style. He felt that Shaun should be more willing to take on tacklers. Now that Holmgren is back in control, Jones could get the franchise tag (again) and Alexander could hit the FA market. While I think the Seahawks would prefer a bigger back like Benson or Brown, a RB here makes sense.

01-23-2005, 04:31 PM
thats actually a really good mock draft, could definitely see it playing out like that.

01-23-2005, 05:36 PM
Mines better...haha just kidding

I do think that you are thinking too many teams will be going on team needs, instead of just upgrading their talent level, which most teams do in the draft

01-23-2005, 07:03 PM
Just wondering, is Kevin Everett a first round talent? From what I've heard, his hands aren't that great and he needs to work on his blocking...

The mock seems solid, BTW...

01-23-2005, 10:23 PM
good job, but I agree with D-Rek on the case of Everett.I heard he isn't that good of a reciever.

01-23-2005, 11:35 PM
everett is a physical freak that is still learning how to play the game. his hands are suspect and hasn't played that much at a high level since he was behind winslow last year and shared time with olsen this year. that is what will keep him out of the first and possible second round, but could change with a good combine and pro day.

01-24-2005, 12:06 AM
Very Nice Mock for January. Better than mine. Gonna be interesting to see how the Titans handle their offensive tackel problems. If TB takes the top rated ot off the board maybe they move down. But a game breaking wr might just be the fix they need. Course the rumor is McNair is off to the farm. Seeing Bud spend that kind of money on a weapon he can't utilize will make a lot of people happy on this board. We'll see how Much luv Mcnair has for Adams if he retires befor or after the draft. Gonna kill me to see Derick Johnson go just in front of us. Probably too light for a 3-4 scheeme anyway.

01-25-2005, 06:32 PM
i don't think benson will go that long

01-25-2005, 08:29 PM
Payne is damaged goods. Hes not very quick off the ball, and this new injury is only gonna make him slower. He will probably just reinjure it so we shold just use that money to try to sign Free Agent Guard Garza, from the Atlanta Falcons.
Then trade down and pick up Marcus Spears, WHILE picking up some more picks. :hmmm: Just think about it

01-25-2005, 08:38 PM
Payne is damaged goods. Hes not very quick off the ball, and this new injury is only gonna make him slower.And he still had the same number of sacks as Robaire Smith and 2 more than G-Funk's donut...

If the price is right, we have to bring him back...

01-26-2005, 12:28 PM
No Travis Johnson (DT Flordia State) in the 1st round??

01-26-2005, 12:36 PM
if he is ready to go by next season and seems healthy enough to play than i'd like to see him stay, but if another injury of this sort accures i see no other option but letting him go. Though i'd hate to see him go, its better than paying him to sit out hurt for most of the season !

Wild Bill
01-26-2005, 01:09 PM
Robaire Smith only had 2 sacks because there is not another threat on the line for them to leave Robaire one on one. I have said before, and will say it again, the Texans need a show stopper in the middle of that line. Somebody like Sam Adams, Casey Hampton, and how Tony Saragusa use to play. A guy of that size in the middle of the line clogging up running lanes and requiring at least two blockers on run assignment will free up Robaire Smith, Gary Walker, and our pass rushing outside linebackers to have a field day racking up tackles behind the line of scrimmage and sacking the quarterback. The nose tackle from USC - Patterson, I think, seems to be that kind of player. He's quick on his feet, gets into the centers chest quickly off the line, and reaks havic. He wont be the Texans pick at 13, if they stay there, but a real possibility for them in the second round if he's still on the boards. I have a sneeky suspicion that S. Cody will be wearing the Battle Red next year.

Roderick Wright would have been an unbelievable pick in regards to the Texans needs had he opted out of his senior season.

Along the lines of getting Derrick Johnson, forget it. That guy is probably the best, pure football player in this draft. He will be an instant starter and Pro Bowl caliber player for many years to come. The teams ahead of the Texans do have areas of need more pressing than Linebacker, but he's the type player that teams will choose regardless of their needs because he's just that good. I won't be surprised to see San Fran. take him with the first pick overall and make a run for Leirnart next year. They are almost certain to have the first pick again next year and Leinart is certainly a much more polished quarterback than either Rogers or Smith.

For the wishful dreamers, I'm afraid your going to wake up cold and dissappointed when you see Derrick Johnson long gone before pick #13.