View Full Version : Q&A: Assessing troubled QB class of ’06

03-22-2009, 03:05 PM

The past seven months have been brutal for the once highly touted 2006 NFL draft class of quarterbacks.

From Matt Leinart’s failure to seize a starting job that the Arizona Cardinals wanted him to win to Vince Young’s meltdown in the season opener with the Tennessee Titans and Jay Cutler demanding this week to be traded by the Denver Broncos, none of the three seem to be on any type of normal career path after three seasons.

The questions for each are obvious: Can their situations be fixed and if so, what’s the solution?

With that in mind, Yahoo! Sports talked to former St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz and a current offensive coordinator with an NFL team who didn’t want to be identified about the future of each. Here’s a look at what they thought of each player …


03-22-2009, 04:25 PM
Don't know what to think about Leinert...but the Cards would be dumb to replace Warner after the year he had last year.

Vince...I don't know where Vince is headed. He was handed a starting job and blew that so who knows? I would guess though that at some point he'll be back as the Titans starter.

Cutler..I think the guy will be fine wherever he ends up. He's got a huge upside to me.