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03-12-2009, 12:02 PM
WOW!!To quote Johnny..."I did not know this." Many teams have college or pro mascots..."California Longhorns" but the highlights look high school in nature at times.


When I saw Barry's post about Michael Irvin's reality show, I was caught of guard by the listing of Donte Gamble, a 5-8, 165 pound corner from San Diego State.

You see, Gamble played in the Patti LaBelle Football League.

I never heard of the PLFL.

Now, I know Patti LaBelle. Saw her in concert before, in Pittsburgh, put on a great show.

So, me being the reporter that I am, I decided to look into what the PLFL is.


Los Angeles, CA (February 10, 2009) Football in the South will never be the same as the New Attitude. LaBelle Community Football League ( LCFL), will start play in the South with exhibition games on June 6th 2009 at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The La Belle Community Football League, better known as the LCFL is a full contact Adult Football league that emulates the structure of the NFL and played their inaugural season in 2003 in Philadelphia, PA. The league was co-founded in Philadelphia, by music luminary Ms. Patti LaBelle, and her manager, Mr. Damascene Pierre Paul, with lead sponsorship from Firstrust Bank of Philadelphia. The LCFL was not established to just play football, but it was envisioned as a vehicle for community outreach through football. The LCFL has continued to stress not only Career, and skill development but also highlight financial literacy, and discipline. Our co-founder Damascene Pierre Paul says, "I love the game of football. Football kept me out of trouble when I was growing up, and it taught me valuable skills that I have applied to my life. Things like discipline, a team mindset, and a coachable attitude have all translated into my success as a former actor, and now entrepreneur, and business manager. I am excited about transferring my learning to other men".

03-12-2009, 12:05 PM
Pretty cool and I did not know about the leauge either...