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In 2006, Williams turned in an all time great workout at the combine. He timed 4.75 seconds in the 40, completed 35 reps on the bench and topped the vertical jump at 40.5 inches. His marks were part of the reason the Houston Texans shocked many by selecting him over Reggie Bush.


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But he knew the power of making an impression at the combine, so when he dropped back to throw his first pass he threw it 73 yards downfield, well over the head of the receiver but flying like a bullet. Then he turned and walked away, refusing to work out further.

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Of all the drills used the 40-yard dash remains the most important and the most watched. Each player runs twice with two hand-held clocks and in recent years one electronic one recording the time. The fastest hand-held time ever recorded was a stunning 4.12 seconds in 1986 at the Superdome in New Orleans by Bo Jackson, who would go on to become a marketing legend with Nike and an all-star in both major league baseball and pro football.

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In 2006, Young reportedly scored a 6 the first time he took the Wonderlic, but then the NFL said there was an error and he got a 16 in a re-test. Young went No. 3 to the Titans and won Rookie of the Year, displaying how irrelevant the controversial test is in the first place.

Irrelevant? Right...

They forgot to mention that after his "rookie of the year" award, he went on to struggle with the offense, melt down, and lose his starting job to a 35+ journeyman QB

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Irrelevant? Right...

They forgot to mention that after his "rookie of the year" award, he went on to struggle with the offense, melt down, and lose his starting job to a 35+ journeyman QB

Bang cartoons has a good video where VY is trying to cheat on the test .

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The sad story of tight end Brian Mandeville

Northeastern University is not exactly a professional football factory. Dan Ross and Sean Jones came through there, but after that, the cupboard's bare.

The Huskies went 2-10 last year, and haven't had a winning season in five years. So when a guy from Northeastern even gets an invite to the combine, it's a big deal ... which, unfortunately, makes this even sadder.

Tight end Brian Mandeville waited and waited for his invite to the combine, and finally, it came. He ventured out to California to prepare at the Velocity Sports Performance Center. And when the time came to show up at the combine and impress everyone, doctors instead told him that he should retire before he even got started.

How's that for soul-crushing? A guy gets an invite to the combine, which is essentially an audition to make a career out of playing football, and when he gets there, the first thing that happens is that they tell him he has no chance to make a career out of playing football. That's like getting a scholarship to the Juilliard School of Dance right before your advisor takes a baseball bat to your knees.

Doctors performing a routine exam found an issue with one of Mandeville's heart valves and advised him that he should give up football. The issues, according to his agent, aren't life-threatening, but they are career-killing. Even his agent grants that it's unlikely now that Mandeville will have a career in football.

It's a shame. By all accounts, he's a bright and capable young guy, so I'm sure he'll carve out a place for himself in the world. And of course, we all wish him luck with that.