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01-15-2009, 12:52 PM
Another nice article from Keith

As if the 5-1 finish to the 2008 season didnít bring forth enough optimism into the new year, the Texansí 2009 salary cap situation is as appealing as it has been in years. Gone is the nearly all of the dead money from the Charley Casserly era. An improving team and cap flexibility seems like the stuff of dreams for beleaguered Texans fans, doesnít it?

Sure it does, but please donít start making out your offseason shopping lists just yet. The Texans have plenty of business to address on the home front before they can even begin thinking about players from other teams. So buckle up, weíve got a long ride ahead.

First to consider are the players with contracts set expire this season. Topping that list is Dunta Robinson. With him available to play in 2008, the Texans posted a 7-4 record, and it says here that the teamís late season improvement defensively was due in large part to his leadership and steadying play in the secondary.

At the time of his injury, Robinson was thought by some including yours truly to be a Pro Bowl-caliber player. His 2008 play might have failed to reach that level, but with an entire offseason to rebuild his speed and strength, thereís reason for hope that he will once again achieve that level of play. The problem of course is that the Texans need to decide how to pay him before they are able to see him regain that potentially elite status.

01-15-2009, 12:58 PM
some more tidbits from Keith

Anthony Weaver might be the most expensive on that list. He has two years remaining on a contract that guaranteed him $12 million. While his play improved down the stretch in 2008, his overall performance has still been a disappointment since joining the team in 2006. If he is released, then the Texans will need to absorb $5.4 million in dead money. The upshot? Saving $3.5 million off his base salary next season.

Ahman Green has probably limped through his last game as a Texan as well. Cutting him will add at least another $3 million to the dead money ledger, but the Texans wouldnít have to pay his scheduled $4.8 million salary if they let him go.

One thing to keep in mind here is that neither Weaver nor Green can be treated as June 1 cuts next year, the infamous rule that previously allowed teams to defer dead money in future years to the next seasonís salary cap. With the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) set to expire after the 2010 season without an extension (at least not yet), 2009 has therefore become the last capped year and no dead money deferrals will be allowed. More on this uncapped situation in a bit.

Weaver and Green arenít the only veterans in danger of being cut this offseason. Morlon Greenwood has just one year left on his contract that is set to pay him a base salary of $4.768 million in 2009. No one should expect Greenwood to be playing in Houston next season at that pay level. Cutting him will leave $1.4 million in dead money behind.