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01-15-2009, 12:32 AM
From: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/9077804/Pittsburgh-mayor-changes-name-to-%27Steelerstahl%27?MSNHPHCP&gt1=39002 (http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/9077804/Pittsburgh-mayor-changes-name-to-%27Steelerstahl%27?MSNHPHCP&gt1=39002)

Steelers Nation is gripped by playoff fever and it seems the man in charge of Pittsburgh has been severely afflicted.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has asked to be known as Luke Steelerstahl — at least for this week.

"On behalf of the Steelers Nation, I've decided to remove the word 'Ravens' from my name just like the Steelers will remove them from the AFC Championship," he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in regards to the upcoming playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Ravenstahl began the process of a legal name change, but his paperwork has not gone through because it wasn't complete. The civil court in Pittsburgh also said it didn't receive the required $108 check to process the request, the Post-Gazette said.

The Pittsburgh mayor said the idea for the change came from callers on a local radio station.

"As soon as I heard it, I thought it was a great idea," Ravenstahl said.

As for the rest of his family, he says he hasn't talked to his wife about changing her last name or the last name of their two-month-old son, but said he doesn't think they would mind doing it either.


01-15-2009, 07:34 AM
That is an awesome mayor.

I hope he realizes he will have to pay the State of Pittsburgh for all the Ravenstahl jerseys and trading cards that won't sell now, though. I mean, what are they going to do with a bunch of jerseys and cards with the wrong name on them?