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the wonger need food
12-30-2004, 07:38 PM
Looking back at this season it is hard to believe how close the Texans were to making the playoffs. Assuming the Cleveland game is a win... if they could have gotten a field goal in OT against Minnesota and shown up in the fourth quarter against Green Bay. What a year it could have been.

12-30-2004, 07:48 PM
In all honesty, even if we did make it into the playoffs, I don't think we would have made it past the first round. Our team is pretty young overall and I don't think we have the experience and maturity to make it deep into the playoffs. Actually, IMO, since we did not make it into the playoffs this year, I think our guys will be even hungrier next year than they were this year knowing they were so close this season. No matter what happens, I love my Texans and I am behind them 110%!

12-30-2004, 09:30 PM
we're playing pretty well right now... idk

12-30-2004, 11:09 PM
You know what? As bad as 2003 was the entire season was a handful of plays from being .500 so that should tell you something. Most teams seasons are just a few plays from being either a disaster or a success. The few very bad teams at the bottom and the few very good teams at the top "are what they are" while the big group in the middle can go either way.

2004? I say "What a year it was!" There were down times certainly but if we get that last win then it's solid improvement and a three game jump over the year before. 2005 looks very promising.

12-31-2004, 12:44 AM
i think we had a great season, and i am very impressed with our team, and i'm so excited about next season after seeing what they have done this year !!!!!

El Tejano
12-31-2004, 11:06 PM
I think Dom made a great statement about not wanting just to show up at the playoffs but to win in the playoffs and how in order to do that we must learn to be a winning team.

I kind of agree that we weren't playoff material this season. Our record shows it and so does the way we played at times during the season. But next year will be a very good year for us.

01-01-2005, 07:21 AM
The improvements in 2004 bode well for a good 2005 for the Texans.If we could offer a little more protection for Carr then we will make next years play offs.