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09-09-2008, 09:30 PM
Pittsburg may win 12 games. We may win 8. In this league, the difference between a 12 and 8 win team is sick.

What you've got to come away from yesterday with is that yes, all of the problems we saw in the preseason are real. We really don't have the talent. I don't think its a scheme thing, I don't think its a home field advantage thing, I don't think its a motivation thing, its a talent thing. And we don't have enough. We have a lot of potential but not enough of it has been realized yet. On defense we're poorly matched, On offense we were just over matched. On the O-line, I saw 5 pretty good performances. The problem, that's a 3-4, you need one good performance. Everyone looked like they were reacting separately. There is a way to beat a team like Pittsburgh though. They are a big team. They've got 12 300+ guys on their team. You can out quick them. You're not going to stop them every drive, but you can disrupt and make plays. The problem, this is a young team who has yet to really establish a defensive tone. We don't really have the quickness necessary to accomplish that. If this team is going to be successful, we need to pick, team speed, or team bulk. Ideally you have quick bulk, but that's not likely to come in the near future. Our LBs are terribly matched with our DL. We have a small dl. We have slower linebackers. That's not a combination. you can have a small dl with some fast lbs, or a big dl and lbs that are slower but what you saw when they ran the ball, was our small dl getting manhandled and our slow lbs (even Ryans is average when it comes to speed) take forever to get to the runner. And the LBs can't move up , or they will vacate the middle of the field and instead of 5 yard runs we're giving up 10 yard passes every play. You compound that with bad secondary play and you have serious problems. I know we're all blaming Smith, and maybe he's not screaming loud enough for players but this is a really bad mix.

On a defense you need to have players to make up for others deficiencies. We have a team that compounds a lot of their own. I even think our offense is going to be ok. This was as bad as it gets. 3-4 and pittsburgh no less. Then you combine that with the fact that you know Schaub felt like he had to score EVERY time down and the offense was going to look terrible. "that organized chaos" they run out there no doubt confused the OL, we knew it would. You wanna play with them, get big fast, no get big and fast fast. Yeah Gibbs is a genius, but if he's going to build this OL into something special, Rome wasn't built in a day, and this is more like building NYC in a day. It will come together, we can make a few adjustments in the offseason. I'm all for Molden and Okam getting some meaningful snaps. Especially in situations where running the ball is a possibility. What about sliding Weaver inside and Okoye outside? Stunt them from time to time, whatever you gotta find a way to get some man strength in the middle of that line.


09-09-2008, 10:04 PM
Good post Mike.

Sometimes good coaching and a lot of heart can overcome "talent" issues.

The Texans need to play with as much fire and heart they can find.

When you play as a team, you can overcome a lot of obstacles.

09-09-2008, 10:14 PM
Thanks for taking the time to think all of that out, but I just have to disagree with you. Maybe you'll turn out to be right, but judging a young team after its first game is just a complete knee jerk reaction. I was guilty of it too.

There is a reason the Detroit Pistons beat the Lakers in the finals a few years ago, even though they had less talented players. They played as a team and were coached well. The main problem I see with Texans fans is that they expect pro-bowl players to play at every position, without realizing that probowl selections come after success is realized.

When you have a team that plays poorly but has a few standouts, the fans start to think everyone else is playing poorly. When a teaem plays well, things are easier for everyone. And players start to do well in their systems. If you look at half of the probowlers on last years team, and tried to move them into our rotation, I highly doubt they'd be anywhere near as successful (which is why FA is such a crapshoot)

We don't need 32 1st round picks on our team. What we need is a team that plays togetheer and with attitude. And has confidence. All NFL players have tons of talent. The top 1% are elite. The bottom 10% are horrible. The rest are all within a good training camp of each other in my opinion

09-09-2008, 10:38 PM
I disagree with your summary of what we need in terms of LB's to compliment a small DL.

I think you need big strong LB's because they are going to have to take on OLmen with regularity at the second level. Small quick LB get eaten by OLmen.

You can only really afford small quick LBs if you know that your DL is going to keep the OL busy and you can flow to the ball free from the 300lb guy about to crush you.

The other problem with small quick guys at any position is that occasionally (often it seems on the Texans) the big strong guys are going to run straight through your tackles. Technique can make this up some of the time, but not all the time.

09-10-2008, 12:58 AM
Thanks for taking the time to think all of that out, but I just have to disagree with you. Maybe you'll turn out to be right, but judging a young team after its first game is just a complete knee jerk reaction. I was guilty of it too.

I haven't been judging this team by one game. This was mostly a pre-concieved notion that I came into the season with. I've commented several times on the lack of ability to defend the run and the lack of talent on the defense.


09-10-2008, 01:06 AM
Pittsburgh's status as a team doesn't change a few key factors that you might call indicators of things to come:

The run blocking wasn't there for one single game in the preseason, and it picked up where it left off for the Pittsburgh game.

Our defensive players tackled like crap. I know Pitt is good, but our guys just flat didn't tackle, and that had very little to do with the Steelers.

Matt Schaub continues to make bad decisions every game. The INT he threw to Woodley was a rookie mistake. That pass hsould never have been thrown. Schaub has attempted throws like that every single game he's played in a Texans uni. Sometimes he gets away with it, sometimes he doesn't. That sack he took when he was outside the tackle box was completely unnecessary. Etc., etc., etc. That has nothing to do with the Steelers.

There were plenty of things that the Steelers did to our guys that happened because they're a good team - they put pressure on Schaub, they worked our O-line, and they out-schemed our defense. I'm not freakin' about those things - the Steelers are good. But the indicators above are worth paying attention to.

09-10-2008, 08:04 AM
I actually thought we did pretty well defending the run. I know this sounds crazy, but its true. When a team runs the ball at you 40 times, however, it wears you down. During the first half, we were holding Parker to under 3 or 4 ypc. He didn't really explode until they were in kill you mode

09-10-2008, 08:05 AM
Posted this in another thread, but it fits better here:

Two things have been consistent in the Gary Kubiak era...

Our record has gotten better every year, and the fans have bitched and moaned the whole time.

Until they show me something otherwise I refuse to believe either one will stop.