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07-07-2008, 05:36 PM
So this qualifies to stay in the NFL section I would like to inform everyone that Haywood Jefferies owns a Semi Pro Football team called the Bay Area Pearland Gamblers. The home page will also say that Ernest Givens has a part ownership in the team but I haven't met him, nor does anybody talk about him so I assume he sold his share to Haywood.


The rosters are not updated from last year but hopefully it will be before our first game this Saturday. We are playing the Texas Yellow Jackets in Elgin Tx.

Its summer time football and we play in the NAFL. http://www.nafl.org/ Its a little over 120 teams nation wide that will play out starting this weekend and ending NOV 15 when we, the Gamblers, will be going to Miami FL. to win the Superbowl.

I was disappointed to learn that both the Dallas Diesel and the Austin Gamebreakers will not be in out league this year.

I am not sure how much PT I am going to get. If this league turns out like all the others I have played on I should see enough. I am a LB/DL. My number will be 50. As I said the rosters are not correct yet so I am not the currently listed.

So if anybody wants to come out and support some local area football till the big boys play all are welcome. Our games are on Saturdays and at night. Our colors are black on black. (good summer time colors) We play in the Long Horn division. None of us get paid, we buy our own equipment, and we have to balance our home life's, jobs, and football, so the people you will come out and watch are the ones that still love the game.

07-07-2008, 05:41 PM
Pretty cool... Haywood is still looking rather dapper.

Hey TexanRed aren't you getting a little long in the tooth to still be playing??


07-07-2008, 05:46 PM
Pretty cool... Haywood is still looking rather dapper.

Hey TexanRed aren't you getting a little long in the tooth to still be playing??


Kinda. Its been a while since I played but I am starting to get my legs back under me.

Getting back in shape is a lot tougher than getting out of shape.

07-07-2008, 06:05 PM
Kinda. Its been a while since I played but I am starting to get my legs back under me.

Getting back in shape is a lot tougher than getting out of shape.

LMAO... No doubt.

Good luck and watch your knees!!!

Double Barrel
07-07-2008, 06:07 PM
Cool, TR! I will try to make some time to take my boy to one of your games.

07-13-2008, 10:43 PM
Greetings all. Here to give you an update regarding Haywood Jefferies semi pro football team, the Bay Area Pearland Gamblers.

Elgin TX was our first stop on the road to Miami FL Nov. 15. It was here that we tested our Metal against the home town heroes, Texas Yellow Jackets. With some new faces on our Gambler squad (including yours truly) and some starters returning for the first time from the previous seasons, we were untested and had a lot of questions still needing to be answered.

No preseason games were played b/c no team wanted to travel to Houston just to get there ass kicked. We went into this game cold and the Yellow Jackets were about to become the barometer for our team. This was also going to see where I stood having not played football for 8 years.

Didn't start out real great for me personally. Got out of work late and did not get up to Elgin till after 6. By that time the team had already stretched out and suited up. Once there I went into the locker room to change only to find out that the locker room I was in was the other guys. I was wondering why I didn't recognize anybody but I was sure the Jerseys they had on were ours. I was part right, those were our last years Uni's and we sold them to the Yellow Jackets. Our team had already hit the field.

During warm ups I am informed I will be playing left tackle. I didn't vocalize it but what I said inside my head was, "You want me to do what?" Coach asked me if I had ever played tackle before and I answered him honestly, Yes I have. He just forgot to ask me when I played tackle. Which was in the 7th grade. 3 months of training and not one snap as an OL. But I am a warrior and warriors do was is needed and without complaint so I nodded and warmed up with the offense.

Its game time and we are kicking off. B/C I knew I would have a hard time seeing the field I volunteered to play special teams, both Kickoff and return. So here we go, its after 7, the sun is going down, and there is a nice cool breeze blowing. Its perfect football conditions. My stomach is in knots as I pick out the guy I am about to tear into. The kick is off and way on the other side of the field, the YJ fumble the ball and there is a scramble, we recover, I thought, but I guess the ball squirted back out. Well While this is going on I broke into a trot, again I thought we had the ball, I get leveled by some dude that came out of my blind side. He didn't really hit me hard, pansy. The only reason I left my feet is I was up straight. I made note of his number, I was sure I would see him again.

There first possession was a dud. Three straight run plays and they get a whole yard. Apparently they didn't have a punter b/c they went for it on our 50 and got stuffed on fourth down. Now its our turn. Results are not any better. You can tell we hadn't played yet. A run play for no yards and some dropped passes and we were punting ourselves. So they take the ball back over and this time they attempt to pass. I don't like to talk a lot of smack but I will say this, if you ever wonder what happens to all the trash that the garbage man picks up from your house its shipped off to Elgin TX and its made to wear a Yellow Jacket helmet. They get another four downs and the same result as the first. This series I am on LT duty. First play run to the right and as our RB was going down I get blind sided again. Dammit. This time by the RDT. I guess he pulled and took himself out of the play and was pissed. I had enough of that and from here on out I started to stick my fist in there chest and popping people in there mouths. Things looked up from there. The first 1/4 ended 0-0 but we had the ball on there 5 and punched it in shortly after. Both our offense and defense woke up a little. We were running the ball and passing the ball effectively and completely dominated there offense. We finished the first half 14-0.

Second half was a QB change for the Jackets. #10. He thought he was VY. He acted like VY. He did lead his team to there first score by running the football on QB keepers. He couldn't pass the football to save his life or hit an open receiver. Basically they ran the ball on us by letting our DE get up the field and he took off and ran. We corrected that for the next series and that was the end of that.

Our defense plays with attitude. You can feel it. Once we sealed up our running defense it was all gravy from there. Our safeties and CB were beating the crap out of there receivers. None of them wanted to man up and catch the ball and all of them tip toed through our secondary. They might as well of stayed home and stuck to playing Madden on the XBox b/c none of them deserved to be playing on a field of men.

By the end of the game I had played LT Guard for the second half due to an injury, and let me tell you, I love playing LT Guard. That is where I got nasty and picked some fights. Punks. I own you 37. You know who you are. Why don't you go cry some more to the ref. Wah, he's holding me ref, Wah.

The Gamblers are our own worst enemy at this point. We won the game 17-6, only after several personal fouls, false starts, holding, delay of game, two pics and a fumble. We even had our administrator ejected from the game cus she was talking smack to the ref. But Gamblers live on the edge, and thats exactly what we do. This game could have easily been 40-6 but some mistakes and turn overs took points off the board. This is almost like playing for the Houston Oilers.

But we over came. We came out and did our job and got it done. This was our first game and for many of us the first time we have lined up with one another. This is a damn good team and I have no doubts that we are going to be in Miami on Nov 15th.

07-14-2008, 08:58 AM
nice, I'd like to get out and check out a game. I clicked on the schedule link and there was no data.Pretty cool... Haywood is still looking rather dapper. I talked to Heywood for a milisecond at the bar during one of the Texans games last year (when I could get a word in-between the women throwing themselves at him) and he really looked good. Him and Childress look like they could just about play today. Those guys have kept themselves in great shape as the years pound by.

07-18-2008, 06:39 PM
we are playing the East Texas Outlaws tomorrow at 7 at "The Rig". The address is 3775 S. Main, Pearland, TX 77581. This may be our last game there. The staduim fee was jacked up an extra thousand dollars per game. We are thinking they no longer want us there. Apparently we are a little rough around the edges for the field managements taste. Meaning language and attitude. It really is like playing for the Oilers.

Here is the schedule but it is subject to change.

2008 Schedule


Texas Yellow Jackets
(Elgin, TX)
W 17-6


Sugarland Sharks



Texas Yellow Jackets
(Elgin, TX)

SeTEX Demons
(Beaumont, TX)

North Shore Heroes
(Slidell, LA)




San Antonio Wolves




Play-Offs / TBA

Play-Offs / TBA

Play-Offs / TBA

Play-Offs / TBA


Play-Offs / TBA



07-21-2008, 07:54 AM
For all that are interested we did win our second game against the East Texas Outlaws and started our season 2-0. I am not going to say to much b/c they only showed with 13 people and I have been on that team on the road before so I know how they feel.

38-12 was the final score.

This week we are going to destroy the city of Sugarland as we dominate the the Sugarland Sharks. Not sure what stadium its at and I wont be back in town till Friday night. I am sure that at some point it will be on someones website.

Hope everyone has a good week.

07-21-2008, 02:34 PM
Keep the updates going TR. Sure will try to catch some games, esp since they are played at NIGHT!! lol

07-21-2008, 03:02 PM
Really enjoyed your break down of game. I had read about the league and the ownership by Houston Oiler players early this year. Good luck and swivel the head!

07-21-2008, 03:18 PM
we are playing the East Texas Outlaws tomorrow at 7 at "The Rig". The address is 3775 S. Main, Pearland, TX 77581. This may be our last game there. The staduim fee was jacked up an extra thousand dollars per game. We are thinking they no longer want us there. Apparently we are a little rough around the edges for the field managements taste. Meaning language and attitude. It really is like playing for the Oilers.

"The Rig" is also used for a Pearland little league team. Couple that with High School Varsity, both J-V teams and both Freshman teams I imagine it'd be tough to manage for a High School organization.

Having said that, I am not familiar with y'alls team or league for that matter so I do not know all the particulars.

I just thought I'd give a little more info that's all. :cool:

El Tejano
07-21-2008, 03:47 PM
Why is this more appealing than AFL to me?

07-22-2008, 08:15 AM
Why is this more appealing than AFL to me?

Don't know about you ET, but, for me it's because football is an outdoor sport. I just can't wrap my brain around indoor football. It's just not right! JMO!!

Hardcore Texan
07-22-2008, 12:25 PM
That's cool TexanRed, I see you guys are coming back to Elgin in August, I might be able to make it out for that game. Are the typically on Friday night?

07-28-2008, 03:36 PM
Hello all.

For all of those who are interested, I am sorry about the delay with the update. I decided to wait a few days after the game to post about it so as not to interject to much of my own emotions in the post.

We did win the game, but it was a long, long, day. 11-6 was the final score starting out our season 3-0.

We did not look pretty at all. Mistake after mistake. Missed assignments, missed tackles, and dropped balls were the flavor of the day. I myself had probably the worst game of my life. It started out with my number getting changed from 50 to 97. 5's are my lucky number. From there I whiffed on an open field tackle, got leveled while pursuing the KR, and my one tackle of the day was against my own teammate on Kick off return. The story on that one is we set the wall to the middle and the play came back to my side on the left, at this point I am running back into traffic looking to repay the hit that I just took. I take the angle on 3 Sharks that were running in a straight line behind one anther. I am running full tilt and screaming Yatzee in my head cus I was about to tag 3 for the price of 1. What I didn't see was there were 2 more Sharks to the right closing in on our KR. Our KR throws into high gear and cuts back inside to hit the hole only to find me there. Ooops.

I will say this. I am damn proud of our team. Through it all, through all the yelling and screaming at one another, and all the frustrations, there were even a few moments were it would have been easy to quit and break the give a damn button, but we didn't, we prevailed b/c we held it together as a team. Thats why I know that we are going to win the championship come November.

I do appreciate some of you guys reading these posts and responding. This league is very important to a lot of people. Remember, none of us are paid and many of us have jobs and families that depend on us. This league provides an opportunity for some of these kids to collect tape and try to get into a college, or an arena team, the CFL, or even make the pros, or at least training camp. Where do you guys think street FA's come from? There are tons of people who's road has gotten skewed for one reason or another and this gives them the ability to keep playing and keep hope alive.

This week is our second home game as we go on to play San Antonio. Not sure if its at the Rig or not.(Really nice field by the way. I Heart field turf.) Last week we were running a promotion kids 12 and under entered for free. Not sure if that remains, but tickets are only $10 and there are concessions.

Also if anyone has the opportunity to spread the word about the league please feel free to do so. We could us all the support we can get. Our last home game had 47 people in the stands (I know, I counted) and its a pretty big stadium so it looked extra empty.

Well thats all I got so I am going to get ready for practice and read up on some more of the Texans TC.

Thanks for reading guys!

07-28-2008, 04:12 PM
Right on TEXANRED!!! 3-0 ain't too shabby! I wish your games were just a little bit closer to the West Side, but oh well. I'm there in spirit!!

11-6?? Just think, y'all won by the same score as the 'Stros yesterday..

Good luck the rest of the way and I look forward to more updates.

08-02-2008, 03:29 PM
Our scheduled game -vs- the San Antonio Wolves was canceled today. The Wolves backed out at the last minute claiming they had transportation issues. WTF? Its two hours to the the East for them. Hell it take that just to get from the woodlands to the south side of Houston.

What it comes down to is they just didn't want to come all the way to Houston just to have there asses handed to them.:jogger:

We play them later this year in SA and they will be punished.

A forfeited victory feels so hollow.

08-02-2008, 03:40 PM
A forfeited victory feels so hollow.

It shouldn't... Hell, they were puh ce's and too skeered to play y'all.

08-02-2008, 05:43 PM
Thanks for the update TR. Try to post when ya'll play back in Pearland, or somewhere in this area, and I will add to the bleacher peepers. After all, I do have a pretty big mouth, and will let ya know I am there!!:shetexan: