View Full Version : "We can't sign anybody else or what?!"

06-15-2008, 02:21 PM
Yea well I'm back and I just hate to see us do this not signing free agents that are quality players and still on the market at least I think they are, I mean players like:

S Oshiomogho Atogwe 3rd year 5-11/210lbs from St. Louis

DE Marques Douglas 7th year 6-2/292 from San Francisco

OLB Lemar Marshall 6th year 6-2/225 from Cincinnati

OLB Rosevelt Colvin 9th year 6-3/254 from "cheaterville"--> New England

CB Brian Kelly 10th year 5-11/193 from Tampa Bay

OT Kyle Turley 9th year 6-5/306 from Kansas City

CB Terry Cousin 11th 5-9/185 from Jacksonville (experience)

OG Todd Steussie 14th year 6-6/310 from St. Louis (maybe too much experience)

S Gerome Sapp 5th year 6-1/216 from Baltimore

I can go on here but the thing is there's a few good spots that are still open on this team and I'm just throwing this out there but for Colvin to be still available is a gift from god to come to terms with the Texans organization. Other than that all have to say is Go Texans!!!:fans: