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05-29-2008, 01:55 PM

For a little change of pace, Iíve pondered how the common knowledge of the positions in the NFL have changed over recent years. Phases always occur as the game evolves, yet I canít help but notice that some of the recent events have glared out as groundbreaking amongst the teams that have been more successful.

Below is a bullet list of what I think may be the new accepted standard amongst positions. In addition, Iíll add how the Broncos have contributed their two cents in furthering these trends.

∑ Left tackle may be the second most valuable position after quarterback. Iíd say this has been accepted by many for years, but the consensus may be nearly unanimous in this regard now. Teams all saw the success of Joe Thomas last year, as he amazingly made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Teams also see that other teams simply do not let left tackles hit the open market. As a result, we saw no fewer than one fourth of the league draft an offensive tackle in the draft, and with the possible exception of Detroitís Gosder Cherlius, all of them could be left tackle candidates.

The Broncos have typically been exempt from this reality, as they pioneered the presence of the zone blocking system in the NFL. However, with more teams running it, that exemption is disappearing, and they proved it by being one of the eight teams to draft an O-lineman in Ryan Clady.

∑ Defensive end may be the third most valuable position after quarterback and left tackle.

05-29-2008, 02:13 PM
I donno how much it's changed really....LT's have always been highly valued and gone high when there was a guy worth taking....HOF players like Art Shell (3rd overall pick in 1968), Tony Munoz (3rd overall pick in 1980) Ron Yary (1st overall pick in 1968) and Jim Parker (8th overall pick in 1957) have always been valued highly. I could create a much bigger list but you get the point.

05-29-2008, 07:39 PM
Well my itch got scratched this draft for sure. That I had to battle on the board for the pick for four years is pretty amazing to me. And if Brown busts out you do the same danged thing again in 2010. Get the QB, protect the QB, and defend the QB...that's it. Everything else is extraneous.