View Full Version : The trouble with NFL minicamps

05-16-2008, 02:42 PM
Read this article on Fox Sports and thought it was interesting. Brings up some good points. Maybe the injury that Adibi suffered was because he wasn't in ideal shape due to pre-draft visits?


Wide receiver Devin Thomas described his first Washington Redskins minicamp as a pleasant "welcome to the NFL."

Not every youngster was so lucky.

Franchises spend months in pre-draft preparation because of how important those picks are toward building a strong roster. Yet many of the same teams are remarkably careless in the initial handling of their rookie classes.

By and large, rookies aren't physically or psychologically ready to practice in the two weeks following the draft. Many picks haven't been in pads since January. The layoff is even longer for those who hadn't participated in college all-star games.

Some players still have their head swimming like the morning after a wild draft-day party. Travel logistics and preparing for a move to a new city can become overwhelming, especially for those still in school.

But that didn't keep every team except Jacksonville and Denver from throwing their rookies into the fire earlier this month.

Veterans aren't treated so recklessly. Those players usually have more than a month of training in their team's off-season workout program before participating in a minicamp or OTA (organized team activity) practice. Rookies don't follow those types of detailed, football-specific workouts before the draft.

Multiple pre-draft visits with teams leave some high-profile picks ragged. Thomas had nine of them, leaving him in less-than-ideal physical condition entering Washington's minicamp two weeks ago.

"You don't get the chance to follow your daily workout routine," said Thomas, a second-round selection. "You have to make time on your own doing little things like push-ups and sit-ups in the hotel room. There's no time to hit the weight room."