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04-26-2008, 10:57 AM
I think Stewart may have a better career than McFadden as RB, but MCFadden will be better as a RB/WR.

McFadden: 6'2, 205
Stewart: 5'11, 230

I think Stewart is built more like a traditional RB. But, as everyone knows, RBs can come in all shapes and all sizes. McFadden's size and speed should allow him to get more yards in more ways, such as playing as a receiver.

Here's a comparison of WRs
Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech: 6'3, 208
Malcolm Kelly, OU: 6'4, 219
Limas Sweed, Texas: 6'5, 219
DeSean Jackson, Cal: 6'0, 166

With the exception of Crabtree, those WRs are going in the top 1-2 rounds of the draft. McFadden is a little lighter than them, but with proper strength and conditioning he could easily put on a few pounds.

Now, NFL receivers:
Shaun McDonald, Lions: 5'10, 183
Roy Williams, Lions: 6'3, 211
Donal Driver, Packers: 6'0, 190
Greg Jennings, Packers: 5'11, 197
Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals: 6'3, 226
Steve Smith, Panthers: 5'9, 185
Hines Ward, Steelers: 6'0, 205
Santonio Holmes, Steelers: 5'11, 189

Now, McFadden is EASILY in the size limits of those receivers. And they aren't your average, run of the mill ones either. That is a list of some DAMN good players and they all contributed good stats to their teams last year.

I'm not saying McFadden is going to have to switch to WR. But, if he worked at it he could be a big threat if lined up wide. In 3 years he caught 46 passes for 365 yards, 2 TDs, and a 12.6 yards per catch average. That's not breathtaking but I believe it shows potential for someone who played on an average team whose bread and butter was running the ball.

As far as his supposed character issues go... I do not think they are a problem. The media just loves to jump on controversy and according to that special on Outside the Lines, the vast majority of NFL teams were not worried. You have to remember that McFadden was probably 19 when this stuff happened.

04-26-2008, 10:58 AM
maybe a play or two a game.