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04-24-2008, 01:05 AM
If you are reading this John I want my cut. :shades:

His article

Your worst nightmare is that all the players you covet could be gone.

You know that Long, defensive end Chris Long, defensive end Vernon Gholston, defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, running back Darren McFadden, quarterback Matt Ryan, defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis, offensive tackle Ryan Clady, offensive tackle Branden Albert, offensive tackle Chris Williams, defensive end Derrick Harvey, running back Rashard Mendanhall, linebacker Keith Rivers, cornerback Leodis McKelvin and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie could all be gone.

That's 15 players selected. Two more will go before you pick. You don't believe in miracles, but you do cross your fingers wishing and hoping for some good luck.

You close your eyes so tightly trying to imagine a team picking quarterback Brian Brohm before you. You want running back Jonathan Stewart and offensive tackle Jeff Otah to be taken before No. 18. You're hoping cornerback Mike Jenkins will be taken early.

Or a receiver — any receiver.

My post
Who do we take if all these players go in the top 17 & we cant find a trade down partner? (and its very possible )

1. Darren McFadden
2. Chris Long
3. Glenn Dorsey
4. Jake Long
5. Vernon Gholston
6. Matt Ryan
7. Sedric Ellis
8. Ryan Clady
9. Keith Rivers
10. D. Rodgers-Cromartie
11. Rashard Mendenhall
12. Chris Williams
13. Leodis McKelvin
14. Derrick Harvey
15. Branden Albert
16. Mike Jenkins
17. Jonathan Stewart

The top players @ each position left are

Aqib Talib
Antoine Cason
Kenny Phillips
Justin King
Tracy Porter
Branden Flowers
Charles Godfrey
Patrick Lee

Jeff Otah
Gosder Cherilus
Sam Baker
Carl Nicks
Anthony Collins
Oneil Cousins

Phillip Merling
Calais Campbell
Quentin Groves
Lawrence Jackson

Jerod Mayo
Dan Connor
Xavier Adibi
Erin Henderson

James Hardy
DeSean Jackson
Devin Thomas
Limas Sweed

Kentwan Balmer
Trevor Laws

Felix Jones
Jamaal Charles
Ray Rice
Matt Forte

Are any of these players worthy of 18 and if so do any fit our team? IYO who would be youre BPA?

And me again

These 7 are all locks to go top ten.
1. Darren McFadden RB 6-1, 215 Arkansas (O)
2. Glenn Dorsey DT 6-2, 300 LSU (X)
3. Jake Long OT 6-7, 320 Michigan
4. Chris Long DE 6-4, 285 Virginia
5. Vernon Gholston DE 6-4, 260 Ohio State
6. Matt Ryan QB 6-4, 220 Boston College
7. Sedric Ellis DT 6-2, 295 USC

The next 9 are all players you have listed as players you would like.

8. Jonathan Stewart RB 5-11,235 Oregon (X)
9. Ryan Clady OT 6-5, 320 Boise State
10. Keith Rivers LB 6-3, 220 USC
11. Leodis McKelvin CB 5-11, 190 Troy
12. Rashard Mendenhall RB 5-11,195 Illinois
13. Branden Albert OG 6-6, 335 Virginia
14. Derrick Harvey DE 6-4, 270 Florida
15. D. Rodgers-Cromartie CB 6-1, 185 Tennessee State (X)
16. Mike Jenkins CB 5-11, 200 South Florida

Every year teams reach for players that are projected to go much later. All the players below have been mentioned as possible picks for teams in front of us in the draft. It is not a reach to think that 2 of the players listed below could go before we pick pushing down one of the players you covet.

1. Jeff Otah OT 6-7, 340 Pittsburgh (X)
2. Brian Brohm QB 6-3, 230 Louisville
3. Devin Thomas WR 6-1, 215 Michigan State
4. Phillip Merling DE 6-5, 272 Clemson (X)
5. Jerod Mayo LB 6-1, 235 Tennessee
6. Quentin Groves DE 6-4, 255 Auburn (X)

Also there is an outside chance that one of thes players could get picked ahead of us.

Felix Jones RB 6-0, 207 Arkansas
Limas Sweed WR 6-4, 220 Texas (X)
Kentwan Balmer DT 6-5, 290 North Carolina
James Hardy WR 6-6, 220 Indiana
Gosder Cherilus OT 6-6, 320 Boston College
Aqib Talib DB 6-1, 205 Kansas (O)
Kenny Phillips FS 6-1, 205 Miami
Branden Flowers CB 5-9, 180 Virginia Tech
Calais Campbell DE 6-7, 282 Miami
DeSean Jackson WR 5-11,165 California
Antoine Cason CB 6-0, 182 Arizona
Malcolm Kelly WR 6-4, 220 Oklahoma (X)

Remember with teams like Buffalo, Arizona, Detriot and Minnesota picking in front of us it only takes 2 suprises for us to cash in on a top 16 player, so calm down.


04-24-2008, 07:49 AM
Tried to rep you but have to "spread it around". This is a good summary of what we all have been struggling with. You should be complimented John thinks highly of your thoughts.

John, if you are reading, my choice at this point (in the scenario above) would be:

Antoine Cason CB 6-0, 182 Arizona

04-24-2008, 08:03 AM
If Chris Williams falls to us, take 'em. If not, trade out of round 1 if we have a good offer. Otherwise, I'd say pick Kenny Phillips. I'm not very excited about this draft for us.

04-24-2008, 08:07 AM
most of those we "covet" per the article are top ten locks....kinda not reasonable to be bent about those guys.

cornerback cornerback cornerback! <<Me on draft day