View Full Version : Lots o' Trades in the First?

04-23-2008, 06:09 PM
good article from your friend and mine, Charlie Casserly.

Every NFL Draft has its "character" and theme. As in any draft there are positions that seem strong and others that appear weak. The reality is we really have no idea how these players at these positions are going to play in the NFL, but for now we have to go on what we think of them as prospects going into the draft.


With the time being cut to 10 minutes in the first round, teams will have to move quicker then they are accustomed to to make first-round trades.

Also, teams in the 20-plus-pick area have to decide whether to force a player up into the first round or take a player who is the best on the their board, or trade up to fill a need, or trade back to get extra picks.