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02-27-2008, 08:15 PM
I thought this was interesting

A perspective on Peppers
I'm currently reading "The GM" by Tom Callahan and there's a portion in the book where he speaks to LaVarr Arrington and here's what Arrington had to say:

I've never lived up to the hype. Go back to draft day 2000. The second overall. I've never lived up to what I was supposed to be. How could I? You know, since I was a little boy. I've never been allowed just to make a tackle. It's not enough for LaVar Arrington just to make a tackle. It has to be an extraordinary tackle. It has to be a tackle that takes everyone's breath away. He has to leap over the line in a single bound. He has to knock the Quarterback Unconscious, or something of the sort. So, he tries to do it that way, and you know what happens? He misses the sound tackle he might have made because he has to do it in the most dramatic fashion. And a game is lost. That's been my life in football.

Coughlin went on to speak about one of LaVar's recent performances during the season against Washington saying:

For the first time in his life, LaVar was attempting to play within himself, within a system, and the coaches were generally satisfied. He heard no major complaints during film critiques. "he was poised and professional today," Coulghlin said after the Redskins game. "He wanted to play well. He was physical and involved." But the media weren't happy. LaVar's performances looked dull to them. Here was another guy who seemed like he didn't care all that much.
09/07 T. Callahan The GM 'The Inside Story of a Dream Job and the Nightmares that go with it" page 114.

Does anyone else get the feeling that you could pretty much substitute a lot of this for Peppers?

There's a passage earlier in the book where Arrington talks about his struggles with dealing with what the media has to say about him, his performance and his attitude and that he felt none of it was fair. Going on to say he was sick of his life being spoken about by people who didn't listen to what he had to say and what he felt.

I'm guessing some of Peppers more down days are due, quite possibly to the media attention and pressure placed upon him by the staff, the front office, the fans and the media. Making him a captain only amplified these problems.

Something about Peppers strikes me that he wants to be an indian not a chief and when he's hyped as a leader and as a messiah to the defense he can't find a way to live up to that and when he tries too hard he fizzles and quite possibly gets down on himself more.

Now all of the above is just my opinion and realistically I could be missing the mark by a country mile. However, to me, even as I re-read it, it kind of fits...

Does anyone else agree with me?

I know Pep and a lot of people around the world who are under pressure at times need to grab what makes them a man and fight their way through it and motivate themselves, but I suppose its possible that he can't always find himself able to and that's what gives us his streaky seasons.

The best players in the NFL all seem to have a ridiculous rock star type of confidence (Chad Johnson, TO, Smith), even if its quieter (Manning, Brady, LT) etc).

Just IMO

02-27-2008, 08:41 PM
I think that it's fans just bitching about one of their high priced players who did not perform to expectations last season. I imagine that Julius Peppers is going to have some more great football seasons before he retires, the guy was just too good of a pass rusher to all of a sudden become "just a guy".

2 seasons where a player does that is when there's cause for worry. Besides, these are the same fans who thought David Carr could make his comeback there.

02-27-2008, 09:22 PM
Interesting post, I think it is big of Arrington to admit all that.

What this makes me think about is Mario and his apparent willingness despite the pressure of being #1 over VY and RB to play within the system be disciplined and take the ignorant criticism....

Makes me think that Mario is very high character.

02-27-2008, 09:28 PM
yes reading that I did think of mario(in a way) and the criticism he got his rookie year even before he stepped on the field..

02-27-2008, 11:07 PM
I think it's all David Carr's fault. Mario was a bust last year, this year it's a crime against humanity that he wasn't a starting DE in the Pro Bowl. It's so symetrical, how could you miss it? X +3 = 5. Seriously, I doubt ANYONE but hard core fans thinks Peppers is any sort of a bust. The pressure on these guys is HUGE. They have 16 weeks (minus the playoffs) to show their abilities.
During that time, it's open season in the film room 'cuz every bowel movement is videotaped and "inconsistencies" brought out into the open. Yeah, Peppers might have had an off year or two, but I bet the tackles he was playing against never said or thought that. The D line is as finicky as the OL sometimes, in who shines and who doesn't.

02-27-2008, 11:24 PM
The D line is as finicky as the OL sometimes, in who shines and who doesn't.

So true.....

I think as fans we presume to understand how players think or act, when we really have no idea.

That is why it is so fascinating when players speak candidly about their thought processes and feelings.

I admire Arrington for laying it on the line like he did in that interview.

02-27-2008, 11:26 PM
Yep bust and over-rated.

How about a nice 6th round pick for that current bust ?


02-28-2008, 06:01 AM
You know, I was wondering if our F/O would have any interest in Peppers. If he could be had relatively cheaply - or better yet, if we could give them Weaver.....