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02-12-2008, 04:08 PM

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Some good stuff here. From the article:

“We’re not looking back to being the old Texans,” Ryans said. “It’s a new team. We have to be recognized around the league. We don’t get a lot of publicity and stuff like that because we’re not winning. So I tell guys, ‘You want to be on SportsCenter? You want to be on NFL Network making things happen? We have to go out and win some games, then that’s definitely going to turn things around.’”

In order to get there, Ryans said the Texans need to add depth to the secondary and acquire a cornerback back like New England’s Asante Samuel.

“We definitely need a shut-down corner like Asante,” Ryans said. “That would be great to have. I’d love to play with him.

“We need to get those pieces of the puzzle in and start playing more consistent, stop turning the ball over as much as we did this past year and create more turnovers. I think that’s going to take us to the next level and that’s going to help us get those next two or three wins that are going to get us to the playoffs.”

Ryans would also like to see quarterbacks Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels compete for starting duties. When Schaub went down head and shoulder injuries, Rosenfels stepped in and finished 4-1 as a starter.

“I would like to see a competition,” Ryans said. “I think it would definitely make both guys better. I would love to see a competition between them, because Sage is a great quarterback and Matt is a great quarterback. I’d love to see those two go at it for the position head-to-head.”

Ryans, who has recovered from knee and ankle injuries, won’t have to wait long before his Houston teammates are back at work. Offseason workouts start the first week of April; meanwhile, the Texans’ front office is beginning to make free agency and draft decisions.

“I’m feeling good going into next year,” Ryans said. “The knee is fine. The ankle is good. I just needed a little time off. I got that and I’m ready to roll.”