View Full Version : Official Draft Selection Order (for non-playoff teams)

12-31-2007, 12:15 PM
1. Miami
2. St. Louis
3F. Oakland
4F. Atlanta
5F. Kansas City
6. New York Jets
7. New England (from San Francisco)
8. Baltimore
9. Cincinnati
10. New Orleans
11. Buffalo
12. Denver
13. Carolina
14. Chicago
15. Detroit
16. Arizona
17. Minnesota
18. Houston
19. Philadelphia

Oakland, Atlanta, and Kansas City have the same record and opponents' winning %. it's kind of confusing, but basically Oakland is guaranteed to pick 3rd or 4th and Kansas City is guaranteed to pick 4th or 5th, but not 3rd, because of common opponents win %. coin flips will have to be done. should be interesting, because those are, needless to say, some pretty important draft picks.