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12-21-2007, 08:45 PM
By Brad Lorkovic ( LORK 88 )

Houstonís Running Game vs. Indyís Run D: This is where we need to be consistent and really concentrate on. Dayne might be out, so it would then come down to Walker and Eche. Walker is still a relative unknown, while Eche has had some mild up and downs. So far our O Line has really shown up the past 2 games when it comes to opening up holes, so much that Ron Dayne was had enough room to pull off some jukes. . Defensively, the Colts have done a decent job against the run. Mathis and Freeney arenít the strongest guys, but what they do is collapse the pocket and can get great jumps on the ball, which can disrupt the play. Brock used to play DE, but now moved to DT, which will make for an interesting battle on the inside. The other DT is rookie Ed Johnson, a 6th round pick from Penn State. Heís done a great job filling in as a starter. At LB, the Colts have Brackett, and Keiaho who are both undersized by NFL standards, but can play. Brackett is stout in the middle and is looking to have his 3rd straight season with over 120 tackles. Keiaho is a newcomer so to speak, and has spent part of the season injured, but heís really come on the past few games. At the other OLB spot will be Tyjuan Hagler, a 3rd year man out of Cincinnati. Heís a relative unknown as this is his first year seeing starting time. The key for us will be to wait for the hole and hit it quickly. The Colts have too much speed, especially outside, so we need to work inside and make smart cuts.

Houstonís Passing Game vs. Indyís Pass D: Well, Rosenfels gets the start again with Schaub out, and in lieu of turning this into another ďSchaub vs. RosenfelsĒ thread, Iíll simply say that he needs to reduce turnovers and not force passes. At WR, Johnson is a given. When healthy, heís played like a top 5 WR this season. Walter has also stepped up this season. He never drops passes and always finds a way to get open. Davis and Jones will be our #3 and #4, with Davis having shown that he can still be a starter in the league. Our O Line should get a nice this week, and is coming off a strong performance against Denver where they allowed 0 sacks. However, their DL will look completely different from the last time we met. Brock and Freeney are out with Mathis questionable. If Mathis is unable to go, either Jeff Charleston (a 2nd year DE who was cut by Houston during the 2006 training camp) or Josh Smith, a career backup will take his spot. At DT, expect to see Ed Johnson starting with either Quinn Pitcock (rookie from Ohio State who has great measurables, but needs work on technique) or Darrell Reid (who has only started 1 game). At LB, Brackett has stepped up in the middle and does a great job of reading the QBís eyes. In the secondary, Marlon Jackson and Kelvin Hayden are the starting CBs. Both are very tall, and physical at the line. Hayden has looked good this season, but Jackson still needs to focus more on his coverage skills now that heís at CB full time. At safety, Bob Sanders and Antoine Bethea will be big threats. Bethea had a breakout rookie year, while Sanders is a dual threat at FS. However, Bethea is questionable for the game. If heís out, UDFA Rookie Melvin Bullitt will take his place. With Indyís pass defense ranked 1st overall, it will take our run offense to get going as well as good protection in the pocket. It is possible to get it done in the air, it will just take a lot of effort and focus.

Indyís Rushing Game vs. Houstonís Run D: While many thought Addai had a good rookie season, heís having an even better year this year. Addai (who made the pro bowl this year) has good size, and is quick, but his best asset is making the smart cut and getting up field. Outside of Addai, the only other person who might see carries is Kenton Smith, a rookie out of New Mexico State who beat out DeDe Dorsey for the backup spot. Their might be a reverse here or there, but the Colts O Line does such a good job of creating lanes for Addai, that they really donít require anyone else to run the ball. For us, Okoye and Johnson will need to be stout on the inside and hold up the line of scrimmage. Weaver and Mario will also have the important job of making sure nothing gets outside. The Colts o line is athletic and can get outside on stretch plays, so itís up to them to filter everything inside. DeMeco Ryans should have a busy game in the middle too, as thatís where I expect a majority of the running plays to go for Indy. He will need Okoye and Johnson to keep blockers off of him so that he can be an enforcer in the middle. Greenwood has been stepping it up lately, and will need to keep that up. Anderson will need to step up at SLB with Clark out. Overall, we need to hold up the blockers and disrupt their runs.

Indyís Passing Game vs. Houstonís Pass D: Well, here comes Peyton Manning again. We all know that he has a laser, rocket arm, and can make just about any throw. So far this season, heís looked like he always has, so thereís no reason to get into it more as we all know what he brings. At WR, thereís Reggie Wayne. Wayne is a young, great, pro bowl WR. Heís athletic and has really shown that he is a top WR in the league. Heís got more speed and athleticism than Harrison, but also has great hands and runs his routes well. The other weapon Manning will hit on a regular basis is Dallas Clark. He will get lined up all over the field to create mismatch problems over the middle of the field. Despite being a TE, Clark is athletic and can stretch the field. With Harrison still out, Anthony Gonzalez will see time at #2. Manning has really started developing chemistry with Gonzo, who is very shifty and quick. As far as the O Line protecting Manning goes, it hasnít changed much over the year. In fact, their entire O Line is about the same size (around 6í4Ē 300 lbs give or take some pounds and an inch or two), and theyíve been starting together for a good amount of time now. The 1 factor that could make a difference will be Ryan Diem. Diem is out for the game, and with Mario lining up on both sides, it could be a mismatch. For us, I really like the match up Mario will have. He will either end up with Ugoh or Diemís backup. Okoye and Johnson will have a challenge on the inside, and will have to do what they can to apply pressure. As far as our secondary goes, it will be a battle. Bennett will really get tested this week as he will be going up against one of the best in the league. Hutchins will also have his hands full with Gonzo being a lot quicker than he is. However, Iím looking forward to seeing what Demps will be able to do. Heís done a great job putting himself in position and it could make the difference. Overall, this will be our biggest challenge and a lot of how well we do will be dependent on how fast we can get to Manning.

QB Advantage: INDY
RB Advantage: INDY
WR Advantage: PUSH
TE Advantage: PUSH
OL Advantage: INDY
DL Advantage: HOUSTON
LB Advantage: HOUSTON
CB Advantage: INDY
S Advantage: INDY
K/P Advantage: PUSH
RET Advantage: PUSH

12-21-2007, 08:46 PM
There's still a little bit that I need to finish, but figured I'd get this out so we can discuss this week more in depth.

12-21-2007, 10:18 PM
I thought Freeny and Mathis are out.

12-21-2007, 10:54 PM
I thought Freeny and Mathis are out.

Freeney, Mathis, and Brock are all out.

So is their starting RT Diem. And WR Harrison.

12-22-2007, 02:20 PM
this is what they won't due(Indy)


What then to make of the 2007 Indianapolis Colts? Through 14 games, they have lost three fumbles. Only the 1938 Philadelphia Eagles and the 1980 Minnesota Vikings have finished a regular season with so few. Only the 2002 Kansas City Chiefs had fewer: two.
"I had a coach in college who told me the most important thing about each play is to possess the ball at the end of it," quarterback Peyton Manning volunteered.
Sound reasoning. Fundamental football. Some take it more personally.
"If you fumble the ball, you're probably not going to get another one," said wide receiver Reggie Wayne, who has caught 82 passes and fumbled once. "So take care of the ball when you have it."
If coach Tony Dungy preaches a priority, it's turnovers. Protect the football and take it away from the other guy. The Colts rank third in the NFL with 32 takeaways. They are tied for the second-fewest giveaways with 17 and their three lost fumbles are the league low.
"I think that comes with the maturity of a football team," said Houston coach Gary Kubiak, who will bring his Texans to the RCA Dome on Sunday. "I know when you have the leadership of Peyton and Tony and the veteran players on that team, they know they're very tough to beat anyway, and when they're protecting the ball, they're extremely tough to beat."
Manning handles the football every snap he is on the field, and as the focus of the pass rush, he is most vulnerable. He has 869 touches this season with six fumbles. All but one came on sacks, and only one ball got away, that during the last desperate minutes of a loss to New England.