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12-09-2007, 07:52 PM
tying not to start to many post's but as ive already stated ive drank a few, and live is good. 4 kids, good job, great wife and some free time to drink a few beers and talk about football.

here are some of my past predictions.
+1 draft mario williams.
-1 david carr can be the answer

+1 dont hire dom capers
-1 casserly will be good

+ 3 move up and get stienbauck, move up and get d.ware, what the he11 (travis johnson)
- 3 david carr can be the answer

- 1 find a way to get charles johnson
- 1 sry andrea
+ 2 hire gary kubiac (actually i wanted him or someone like him to start with)

+ 1 who the he11 is jason babin
- 1 who the he11 is owen daniels

+ 2 kubiak and smith was a great move
- 2 im a houston sports fan


im plus 100. can anyone beat that score?

bye the way give me some rep.

12-09-2007, 08:20 PM
damm, thought someone responded to one of my threads. but is was my own response. :stooges:

this is not a dc thread but i still wonder if he was about as good as we could of had for a team with little protection. no he's wasnt the answer and could never help us to the promised land. but with a no talent team with no line at least we had a consistant qb who was there and never hurt(of course with him maybe an injury could have provided a win).

12-09-2007, 08:42 PM
thorn has adaquately filled the drunken posting quota for this week thanks..


+1 sticking with mario
-1 kubiak can fix carr

+1 get AD somehow!
-1 OD wtf? take ko simpson ffs! (although ko was also good)

+1 kubiak
-1 weaver