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12-09-2007, 07:12 PM
last year about this time i predicted the texans to make a run at the playoffs. most people thought i was being a homer and we are not going to the playoffs so i guess i was wrong. we are starting to play good football so im going to make the same prediction next year. so im gonna play gm and get us there.

im not a college fan so i will not name exact players just positions. first round i get a lt, if spencer comes back healthy then we got two. if spencer was here this year my prediction might have come true. yes i think hes that good. salaam got used today, could of cost us the game. 3rd round i get a cb or safety, cant count on daunta next year. after that i let richard smith do his job, him and kubes have been nothing but spectacular at finding talent. you guys might wonder about a rb but i will put money on the fact that if you fix our o-line our staff will find diamonds in the later rounds to carry the ball, just like denver. in fact they are making dayne look pretty good behind a suspect line.

next is,,,,, actually that would be first but who's counting, free agency. we need a center. dont know who's available find one, richard thats your job not mine. if we could get an olb stud or a speed dl-man than do it. if not just keep getting solid players at good prices like we have been doing.

i would then sign daunte to a multi year contract. we could get him cheaper now than later and i think we would be willing to give him more than anyone else since we know what he is capable of.

we have two qb's to fight it out next year. i still miss d.davis and could one team have more career threatining injuries than us.

i remember the oilers loss to kc in the playoffs, what a lot of people dont know is we had somewhere in the area of 11 starters out by the end of that game and 3 were o-lineman. derrick thomas used a rokie lt takle for about 37 sacks. just remembering cause injuries make or break you sometimes. this year we were not going to win a super bowl so maybe this can make us even better.

i feel good about next year. its our time to be healthy and go to the playoffs. you heard it here first.

ps. since that guy from pitt gauranteed a victory and they lost, do you think he will give pitt fans, who went to the game, a refund?

pss. dont work all night, watch the game, drink a sixer and then post. you never know were that might take you.

12-09-2007, 08:01 PM
im not going to start another thread. so here we go.

i dont wanna ever here expansion team or injuries again. this is it. we are a football team now.

i read some guy talking about 2009 is our year. my gosh how much time we got to give this team. i was ready this year and i still think we could of made some noise but a young team that kubes is rebuilding,,,, well with all the injuries i will give him a extra year. thats it, now we he needs to produce. hes had 2 years to get it together and he needs to make sure we got depth and quality starters and he needs to find ways to win games.

wouldnt want anyone else to lead us next year, so kubes, prove me right.