View Full Version : Fox's 5 most disappointing teams of 07

12-09-2007, 10:11 AM
... and the Texans aren't even on it. Is that a good thing or bad thing?


No team has crashed and burned this season on a grander scale than the New Orleans Saints. Sports Illustrated picked them to be in the Super Bowl. Every football expert in USA Today picked them to win the NFC South. They were the fashionable summer-time selection. I might have even picked them, although I didn't totally trust them because I left Orlando, training home of the Bucs, thinking they might be good if Jeff Garcia could stay healthy....

SA Texan
12-09-2007, 10:25 AM
Those teams are on the list because they were all expected to contend for their divsion. No one in the national media really expected the Texans to do anything.

12-09-2007, 07:57 PM
Definitely a bad thing - it means the Texans are who they thought they were - mediocre.

12-09-2007, 09:56 PM
Edited. Wrong thread.

On to the right topic, the list seem fair.