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12-09-2007, 01:52 AM
I personally reallly think the texans are building something pretty special. Many will not admit and some live in this microwave society, but the Texans are going to be good for yrs to come. Since they play in the toughest division and in the afc, they still have some building to do. The good thing is they have had 2 very good drafts and since they have gotten rid of some players, they will have 30+ million is cap space. I know people will chime in, but i will give my opinion of the targets the texans should zoom in on.

Terrell Suggs: I know its another lineman, but i think this is the guy to take them over the hump and become dominant. He gives them a edge rusher, he's 25 and has avg 10 sack per eventhough this is a poor season for the entire defense. He'll cost you about what Charles Grant did last year which was 20mill guarantee and 60mill over 6 years. Thats about 7m of yor cap room right there.They can cut weaver to get him off the books long term and make the contract cap friendly. Mario,Suggs,Okoye,and Johnson all under 25 and ready to go. The consolation to Suggs would be Alex Brown who will cost you half of that and is 3 yrs older.

Bell,Portis,Jones,or Turner. I put all in the same class because 2(Portis and bell) have history and might get cut, while the other 2 will be free period. All Bell and Julius Jones will command the same money, Portis might get cut because of salary will cost more and Turner will command the most. I'm a guy that think rb have good value, but u dont over pay or draft very high. When i bring up tatum Bell, some think he sux, but all i know is he avg over 4 ypc while in Denver and even in detroit he's over 4. He's also 26 which is good and has a history with kubiak. Jones, other than this year was 4 ypc and is pretty explosive when given the chance. Portis is still very good and also 26, but hasn't been the same since leaving the one cut system. he might be a cap casualty. Turner is the man almost everyone wants eventhough he hasn't shown he can play the position fulltime. last year he was great, this year he has been ok. He's 25 and will command some good money. The bigger question is whether the texans will blink. The sleeper is Fargas.

Bob Sanders: The huge question is whether the colts will franchise him or clark. Another issue is his injury history. Anyone that watches the game can see he is one of the best defensive players at any position. This could be a double whammy by hurting the colts while helping the texans. He's going to get top safety money which will be about 6m a year against the cap. Is it worth it? I think it is. The texans can also maybe trade their 1st rd pick for Deangelo hall and move bennett to safety when robinson comes back as an option. I think he will be on the radar strong for alot of teams.

O-Line:I kinda believe in line development. I think winston has played well,weary and pitts have been solid and mckinney was good before getting injured. That leaves lt. In the few games he played, spencer looked very good, like a steal. I think he will come back and anchor the lt with winston on the other side. Weary sustained the injury late so he might or might now be 100% by training camp. In the 3rd rd, the Texans might need to draft a ol at some position. The play of the bucs young players(Sears,Joeseph and Trueblood) are testiments to developing young line talent. I mean Dayne has been able to avg 5ypc over the last 3 games so the line cant be bad. Imagine if the had a better back and Johnson healthy the whole time.

I know everyone idea on improving the texans will differ, but its still good conversation.

12-09-2007, 02:05 AM
I disagree with the trading of the first round pick. Kubes really seems to be high on building the team from the draft, and I don't see why he would trade it away. Sure, we could use a DB, but I don't think we need to be trading away picks, especially with how we are down a second rounder.

I agree that Winston has been playing well and that pitts and weary have also been solid. McKinney makes me nervous, seeing as he's ancient, and coming back from injury has never been the Texans strong suite. Which brings me to Spencer. I was hopeful when I saw him the first two games, and thought that he could be our answer at LT, but after his leg break, he might never be able to get the agility that a stud LT really needs, which is why I think he'll come back as a guard.

Out of Bell, Portis, Jones, or Turner, I'd be wary of Turner. We've already invested a lot of money into a highly touted backup-turned starter, and I'm just nervous that neither will turn out well.

And as for Suggs or Alex Brown, I don't really care. I think that our line has so much potential, and all we really need is a speed rusher that can compliment Mario. I really don't think we need to sign a big name Dlineman, just someone like...I don't know...Jason Babin sounds real good right now to me.

12-09-2007, 02:13 AM
for the most part, good post. you ate it when you brought up hall though. Bennett has done nothing short of show that he deserves to play at that position. Hall isn't even that good and he's a punk. Check the Texans roster. They don't hire punks here. Fine by me. Every post that brings up the RB position fails to mention Chris Taylor who, had he not been hurt would have been starting by week four and had McKinney stayed healthy you would have seen a totally different outcome this year.

for the most part, i agree with you and the key is that we are going to get better and better.

12-09-2007, 03:10 AM
I would trade the first round pick for a proven Olineman.. at just about any Oline position.. that had no significant injury history, and was under the age of 30.

12-09-2007, 05:29 AM
sanders isnt going anywhere so dont even bother.. i doubt portis is either

the bucs trio are also testament to drafting o-linemen high (theres a 1st rder and 2 2nds invested in them)

im all for suggs aswell but doubt it'll happen- either he wont see FA/ we wont sign him/ he wont want to come here

12-09-2007, 11:14 AM
Throwing money at the problem is not necessarly a garuntee of sucess. Now, you can probably afford one big guy, maybe two. Still got draft chioces to sign, FA to resign and players currently on the roster to reward for good service. 130 million after febuary is a lot more room that they had last year but it is not a cornuicopia. If Rick Smith and Kubiak swing for the fences as you post...sale out for a quick fix...the odds are it won't work. Adam Sheftner of NFLn recently reported that Asante Samuel will cost very close to 100 million. My number not his. So to me even though Asante would be great insurance for a Dante Robnson recovery complication, I don't think we can afford him.

The other little thingy I see about you post...You don't know what the satus of McKinney and Weary will be next spring...much less in Spetember. You just don't know. Weary's leg was basically crushed. And McKinney has interests out side of football and he's over the thirty line. You don't know if he will be willing at this age to make the sacrifcies required to get into NFL football shape. I mean just look at Okoye right now. No one is saying he is doging it...he just didn't realize what NFL shape ment. He's learning. I'm not a doctor and I do not play one on television...however I would be very gauirdedly optimistic where those two are concerned and their prospect to be locked and loaded by the fall of '08.

I believe, but do not know for a fact, that you are setting yourself up for a whole lot of heart ache for the coming off season with your wishing list. Looks good on paper...just might want to tone down your expectations just a tad.

12-09-2007, 11:33 AM
I would trade the first round pick for a proven Olineman.. at just about any Oline position.. that had no significant injury history, and was under the age of 30.

I'm not quite that desperate, but I feel ya. I've been preaching o-line for five seasons. What I got was, a better o-line will not make DC a better QB for three years. O.K....he ain't here anymore...is the same true now...especially yours Mr. Richard Justice, With Matt Schaub ? I don't believe MS is the next Johnie U. but I don't want to see him get beat to death either. I think given the chance he could take us to the SB. So how much support is too much...the RB is the majic bullet. Prove it !

Spend the ammo and go get McFaddin. We can settle this once and for all...relive Love ya Blue....come down full curcle to the very same place we are in now...and it's just this...you build a franchise from the inside out. You get your lines locked down with high end guys and then you frost the cake with skill guys.

Doing it any other way only invites disaster. As we have all seen, year after year since the inception of this franchise and Bosselli stood at the podium and told us he couldn't go. They need at least one anchor this off season. Or are you going to tell me once again how Charles Spencer will be ready to go this next upcoming season for the third time in row ?

Inquiring mind wish to know ? Board should be full of them this draft. All it takes to get one is the will to do it.