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by Jimmy Smith, Times-Picayune
Monday November 19, 2007, 8:46 AM

HOUSTON -- The Texans have been vilified since that late April day in 2006 when they decided to draft defensive end Mario Williams and pass on running back Reggie Bush.

Sunday, they were vindicated.

Arguably, Houston's 2006 No. 1 draft choice had long ago justified the faith the Texans invested in him when they chose Williams over Bush as well as hometown hero Vince Young, the quarterback from Texas.

In the Saints' 23-10 loss at Reliant Stadium, a game in which Bush rushed for a paltry 34 yards on 15 carries and lost a disputed fumble at the Houston 1-yard line in the first quarter that cost New Orleans a possible six points, Bush's spotty performance in the first head-to-head meeting between he and Williams fully erased any doubt in the minds of Texans fans that their team's front office made the correct decision.

For good measure, Bush was roundly booed in the game's waning seconds when he fell down after an 11-yard third-down pass reception in the middle of the field even though he did it to save precious seconds that were ticking off the clock as the Saints (4-6) were about to sink to two games below .500 with six games remaining.

Message delivered nevertheless: Mario is their man.

"Mario did a good job; their whole defense did a good job," said Bush, who caught a game-high 12 passes for 70 yards, once again proving more valuable as a receiver than a runner. "I wasn't really worried about one guy. At the end of the day, there are 11 guys on that defense. That's what we had to focus on. Not just one guy."

The subplot, however, was Reggie vs. Mario, Mario vs. Reggie.

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