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11-05-2007, 04:12 PM
could someone who saw it please summarize and highlight it... particularly regarding MRI results on a certain player?

11-05-2007, 07:42 PM
surgery tomorrow, done for the year - didn't hear the injury

11-05-2007, 08:38 PM
How about reading it (http://www.houstontexans.com/news/Story.asp?story_id=3879):

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on an update on CB Dunta Robinson’s situation) “(CB) Dunta (Robinson) is going to have surgery at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. Me personally, I’m not avoiding it, but medically, I don’t know what to tell you. I know, I’m almost positive, he has a torn ACL. Whether there is further damage or not, we won’t know until tomorrow, but the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. It’s obvious that he’s done for this season. We’ll give you guys some more information. We’ll probably have some more for you as early as tomorrow evening some time.”

(on who he can find to replace CB Dunta Robinson) “Well, that’s very, very difficult especially this time of year in the National Football League. You’re not going to find somebody walking around on the streets that can come in and cover that quickly. What we have to do is we have to evaluate our situation and for us, it’s probably pretty simple. We have a player on our team that has played corner. (S) Von Hutchins has played corner in various schemes, so that’s an option for us. If we would do something like that, then we have to now take a look at (S Brandon) Mitchell, our young safety that is on our practice squad. If we’re going to make moves or bring a guy up, he would be an option. There are options out there, guys that we can bring in and work out, one being a guy like (CB) Dexter McCleon who we’ve had in here before. We have to evaluate that. The good thing is we have two weeks now to evaluate that. It is a problem, but it’s something that we do have some time to deal with here because of our bye week.”

(on moving CB DeMarcus Faggins around) “In some regards, probably, it’s been hard on him because we’ve moved him around, playing inside nickel, playing outside. Of course, (CB) Fred (Bennett) has basically stepped up. Fred’s become a starter. He’s played well. He started yesterday and played fine. He was one of our defensive MVPs. He’s earned the right now to go forward and hopefully he hangs on to that job for many, many years to come. Fred’s earned that right. Petey (CB DeMarcus Faggins) will play on the other side. Whether we move him around any more and put him in nickel situations, I would like to get away from that. I would like to lock him down at one spot because of our situation right now at corner. That’s a decision we’re going to have to make, but I don’t think you’ll see him as much.”

(on if he won’t make a move until the team gets back next week) “I hate to say for sure, but option number one is bringing (S Brandon) Mitchell up and moving (S) Von (Hutchins). That’s option number one. That’s the one that we’re kind of mulling over right now and thinking about how we feel like that would work out for us. We are looking. We are looking at people’s practice squads. We’re looking at all the practice squad players out there, place we think there might be a corner that could come in a help us. It’s a big time process. I just left a meeting and Rick (Smith) and them are knee-deep into it right now. We’ll see what happens. I think the first thing you have to do is look at your team and how do you solve it on your team. That’s what we’re trying to do today.”

(on the rotation of receivers with WR Andre Johnson coming back) “Well, we have a nice problem because we found some players. (WR) André Davis has become a fine, fine player. (WR) Kevin Walter, I think, has been doing that all year long. (WR) David Anderson has played well for us and played special teams and (WR) Jacoby (Jones) is starting to look like himself here over the course of the last couple weeks. We have a nice problem. It gives us some more options offensively in what we can do, especially if we continue to have problems in the backfield with our backs. (WR) Harry Williams is a kid that’s back on the practice squad but when he was active, he did some good things for us special teams wise. I think it’s become a strength of our team and (WR) Andre (Johnson) coming back makes it even stronger. We’ll have to find some way to give them all a chance to make plays. That’s a nice problem to have.”

(on if S Von Hutchins could challenge CB DeMarcus Faggins for the starting spot) “Petey (CB DeMarcus Faggins) is the guy. He’s the guy that’ going to go out there right now. Where we go from there with (CB) Dexter (Wynn) and (S) Von (Hutchins), how we do that, we’ll have to wait and see. That is an option. Von’s been a corner in Indianapolis and played in there scheme, in a two-deep scheme, in a three-deep scheme which we employ quite a bit here. We just feel like that’s something he would do comfortably. From a competition stand point, they’re all competing. We’re going to need them all. They’re all going to compete against each other.”

(on if it’s mental or physical problems with CB DeMarcus Faggins) “He has to continue to get better in all phases. It’s not just him. It’s a lot of players. I think some of the movement that we’ve created for him may have hurt him a little bit. I think settling him down at one spot should help him. He can play better and he knows that. He will have to play better for us to be successful these last seven weeks. He’s been a good player here before. He’s done some good things this year. We just have to keep working with him and get his confidence level up because he’s going to have to play well for our team to be successful.”.

11-05-2007, 08:40 PM

(on if he would be interested in the Texas A&M job) “Well, I’m not up with the news, obviously, since I walked down here. I’ll say this, I’m an Aggie. I love Texas A&M. Texas A&M taught me about loyalty, and I’m loyal to this situation here, these players, this football team, this organization, and to the man that gave me my chance to be a head coach and that’s Bob McNair. That’s where my loyalty lies.”

(on if S Von Hutchins would be moved to corner, who would start at safety) “(S) Will (Demps) would. Will played there a great deal yesterday. We were excited about the way Will played to end the game. We need to up his reps. Of course, (S Michael) Boulware becomes more of an option in what we’re doing. It’s just going to increase all their play. The questions we have is how we go about those things. How we go about nickel. How we go about those things and moving those players around. It’s a big puzzle today, but the nice thing is we do have some time to put that puzzle together. We’ll just keep working on it. We’ll see what happens. There are options out there that we are also exploring and looking at some other players, as I said, from practice squads and those types of things.”

(on RB Ahman Green’s status) “I don’t think anything’s changed from what I told you all yesterday. It’s going to be a week-to-week, day-to-day deal. His knee is banged up. When he gets hit on it, it swells. It’s going to be a problem, but he’s also trying to fight through it and be there for us. When he’s on the field for our football team, we’re a better football team. I think everybody has seen that this year. We’re going to work with him, day-to-day, week-to-week. We’re going to basically have his practice routine whatever is possibly best for him so he can come out and help us. Today, he told me he was feeling better. He thinks he’ll be fine so we’ll just keep monitoring. He’s got two weeks now to get ready for New Orleans.”

(on CB Dunta Robinson’s injury) “I can’t tell you much about the injury. I just know the ACL has to be repaired. Other then that, the extent of the damage from there on, we’ll find out. He is having surgery tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.”

"I was really excited to see as we got to end of the end of the year here how much the rest of the league thought about his progress come Pro Bowl time...I think he was having that type of year as a player. We're going to miss him." - Kubiak on Robinson(on the play of the defensive line) “I think (DE) Mario (Williams) has been the most consistent player that we’ve had throughout the year. I think he’s played extremely well and is getting better each and every day. I think (DE) N.D. (Kalu) has showed up in some passing situations as one of our better pass rushers as far as one-in-one. (DT) Travis (Johnson) is a more consistent player. (DT) Amobi (Okoye) has been inconsistent. He’s played like a young player. He’s played very, very well at times and he has struggled at times. We’re searching for some consistency there. (DT Jeff) Zgonina has played consistently. (DT) Anthony (Maddox) is a flash guy as far as rushing the passer. (DE) Shantee (Orr) has not played that much. (DE) Earl Cochran has played well against the run. As a group, I think they’ve improved as the year has gone on. I think we have to find more of a pass rush out of the group and that’s us as coaches trying to find a way for them to be successful. It’s going to be very important, especially when you look two weeks from now. The guy we’re going to be playing two weeks from now, we’re going to have to generate some pressure some how, some way. Yesterday, you go back and look at yesterday, I think we had one sack, am I right? You don’t see that as a lot of pressure, but when you look at their quarterback, he didn’t play very good. Somebody is doing something right. Their quarterback was 13-of-28. I think we’re making practice, but can we get better? Yes, we can all get better.”

(on losing CB Dunta Robinson’s leadership on defense) “I’ll tell you, (CB) Dunta (Robinson) is the leader of this football team, a big time leader. He gained a ton of respect. Our players really think a lot of him. I was really excited to see as we got to end of the end of the year here how much the rest of the league thought about his progress come Pro Bowl time and stuff because I think he was having that type of year as a player. We’re going to miss him. His group will miss him more then anybody because he’s the leader of that group. Our football team will miss his toughness, the way he plays the game, the way he goes about it week in and week out. He’s going to be missed. He really will be. I know it’s very difficult for him. It’s a difficult time for him, but we’ll get him well and he’s a hard worker. He’ll make it back.”

(on what it takes for RB Ron Dayne to have a big game) “Sometimes with (RB) Ronnie (Dayne), the years I’ve been with him, it just seems like Ronnie just needs the touches to be successful. If you go back and you look at our games, you look at the last five or six weeks, you can’t really find games where you’d say we hung our hat on the run or we ran the ball 35 times. When you can look consistently at him getting enough touches to say, ok, was he successful? Yesterday he got them. He carried the ball 21 times. I think when our team’s in position to play that way, then Ronnie’s going to probably play pretty well. I think the key is for our football team to be in position to where we can play the game that way. We threw the ball 19 times yesterday. We’d love to be able to do that every week and we haven’t been. Hopefully, we can get back to running the ball better and staying on the field.”

(on if RB Ron Dayne is the key to a successful running game if RB Ahman Green continues to be hurt) “I think the key is all of them. Joe (RB Adimchinobi Echemandu), Ron, however that pans out, if you are carrying the ball 35, 40 times a game, there’s enough to go around for two backs. So if something’s wrong with Ahman then those two will have to do it. If Ahman is ready to go, then I think Ahman and Ronnie are a good complement to each other because they’re totally different runners. So regardless of how it pans out, it’s going to take two of them every week. We’ll probably suit three with our issue right now, I think. I felt much better as a coach yesterday having all three of them suited up, so that’s something that we’ll probably do the rest of the way if we feel the same way we did going into the last game.”

(on how much losing CB Dunta Robinson casts a cloud over the team moving forward) “A cloud? I don’t know if it’s a cloud, I mean, it’s part of the game. And I say that a lot, but it is. The guys come in here today and they’re feeling better about themselves because our football team played better yesterday. They’re missing their buddy; they’re hurting for him, I can tell you that. He’s not here today. So that’s a difficult time, but losing players and having injuries in this league is part of the league and somehow you’ve got to fight through it, because when it’s all said and done you tend to look back and you’re either proud of how you fought through it or sometimes you can’t fight through it, and we’re going to find a way to fight through it. That’s the only way our organization’s going to get better, our team is going to get better, when we continue to push through these things and don’t let them set us back or hold us back so to speak, we find a way to fight through them, find more young players that step up and play. That’s the only way you get better.”

(on if he would recommend assistant head coach/offensive coordinator Mike Sherman for the Texas A&M head coaching position) “Well, I’ve told you, Mike Sherman’s as good a football coach as I’ve ever been around and one of the best people I’ve ever been around, his values and what he stands for as a person. But his football mind is brilliant. He’s been a huge help to me. I couldn’t say enough great things about him; you know that.”

(on the key to being successful after a bye week) “Well first off, it feels dang good to go into this thing with a win, because our mental attitude today and just our football team, everybody’s upbeat – coaches, everybody, secretaries – every up there’s feeling a little bit better today than they had been the last few weeks. So that’s a nice feeling, but we need a break. Our guys need a mental and a physical break; we’ve been through 13 (games) now. This is the longest I’ve ever played in the National Football League before I got a bye. I think we are one of the last teams to get a bye this year I think if I’m right. I don’t think there’s any more (teams that have a bye week) after this week, so it was a long haul stretch, and then when you’re having injuries it makes it even tougher. So what we want to do right now is we want to freshen up mentally and physically this week. We’re going to work tomorrow and have a good practice tomorrow; we’re trying to go back and re-evaluate ourselves with the players and as coaches. And we’ve got some guys that have got to spend a lot of time in this training room for us to get them back on the field. We’ll have an extra work day on New Orleans next week as we move forward and come in here Monday, but I think the key for our football team in the last seven (games) is just playing cleaner football. That’s basically what happened yesterday. Our team went out there, we won the turnover battle for the first time in a long time. We ran the ball better. We just played cleaner, solid football and we found a way to win. And I think if we can do that and clean up or act so to speak, then I think we’re going to like some of the results, so just trying to search for that.”

(on if this was the best game C Mike Flanagan has played) “I tell you what, he’s been solid, but yes, yesterday was the best he has played. The thing when you look at offensive lines is people don’t realize how much a center holds a group together, and we’ve been playing some tough fronts. We went from the 3-4 San Diego back to Oakland. He keeps the group together; he gets them all on the same page. I think just him holding up over a period of time now has made him better or got him back to himself, but the whole group played well yesterday. We put a lot on them in the team meeting the night before the game and told them they would have to play well for us to be successful, and we’ve kind of done that twice this year – I go back to Carolina and I go back to Oakland. So we need to do it every week, because they really stepped up and played well for us in this football game.”

(on how hard it will be for QB Sage Rosenfels to go back on the bench) “Well, first off, I’m so proud of him and how he played yesterday. He looks like a boxer today. He’s walking around with bandages on his eyes, and I mean he’s beat up. And the effort he put forth yesterday was something else. I tell ya, I’ll answer that the way I answered it after the game. First off, (QB) Matt (Schaub), Matt’s going to go back on that field when I see Matt acting like Matt and feeling like Matt and practicing like Matt, because he was beat up. That was a serious hit he took and I know it was a tough, tough week for him, and we’re just not going to all of the sudden go back and throw him to the wolves, so to speak. I want to see him practice and prepare and look like himself, and with that being said, I expect Sage to show up here every day, tomorrow, Monday, whatever, expecting himself to play, because I think he’s got to have that mindset and get ready to go. But it sure looks like that with this time, Matt should be OK. I think the world of both of them. I think they’re both capable starters, and I’m very proud of how Sage handled his job.”

(on whether calling risky plays was a spur of the moment decision or an attempt to establish a team mentality) “I think it’s a little bit of both. That one play that we actually ran, the quarterback sneak that we ran on the fourth-and-one, we’ve been working on it for about six weeks and never had the opportunity to do it. Our intention’s right there to have a couple of motions, have a long cadence. (QB) Sage (Rosenfels) worked it to perfection, just like we did in practice, and we came off the ball so that was nice. And you’re trying to send a message to your team early in the game that we’re going to be aggressive. As far as the last call, you’re in a game that I think everybody who was there could tell that they were gaining a lot of momentum when they cut it to 17-10. And you can’t sit there and beat your head against the post – you’ve got to take some chances. And all we did is we called a route that was to defeat one coverage on one side and we put (WR) André (Davis) on a go route on the back side and told Sage, ‘If you get the perfect look, let’s take a shot,’ and he got the perfect look. You’ve got to be aggressive to win in this league, and I think we were, and it’s just a credit to the kids for coming up and making a play.”

(on his bye-week strategy) “I’ve been around different ones. I’ve been around teams where we gave the players the whole week off. I’ve been around that. I’ve been around teams that come in on Monday and take the rest of the week. I’ve been around a rough bye week where we went out in full pads a couple of days. I just think I do it off feel right now. I told you guys, I like our football team, I like the way they work; and I know they’re beat up, I know they’re tired. There was a big point of emphasis last week to get them very fresh as we went into Oakland, and I think we accomplished that, and now we’ve got an excellent chance to really get them fresh. And I’m talking about, you look at players, we have charts up there on percentage of plays that guys play. And when you look at (LB) DeMeco (Ryans), the guy’s a 100 percent player. You look at (TE) Owen Daniels and (T) Ephraim Salaam, I could go down the list; (DE) Mario (Williams) is a 90-something percent player. These guys have played a ton of snaps, and those guys have got to have a big break and we’ll work the heck out of these young guys tomorrow. But I think also mentally, they all need a break as we move into these last seven (games). So I just do it spur of the moment.”

11-05-2007, 08:40 PM
Even more more more:

(on what specifically DE Mario Williams is doing well) “It’s a combination of effort and I think his knowledge of the game, the pro football game, is getting better week in and week out, recognizing schemes, recognizing what people are trying to do to him. A lot of teams game plan him, max protect on him. He’s starting to understand what they’re trying to do. (Defensive line coach) Jethro (Franklin)’s done a great job with him, him and (senior defensive assistant) Frank (Bush). But his effort, and I’ll tell y’all a play yesterday that I don’t even know if you noticed. They ran a reverse. That’s not even Mario’s play. That’s a safety’s play. And we’re beat, we’re out of position, and that big sucker, boy he turned around and ran and made one heck of a play. I mean, he is playing hard. And Mario’s got a new attitude about him in what he’s doing and I’m just very excited about the direction that he’s heading. Can he get better? Yes, he can get a lot better. He’s still a kid. But I think he’s loving football and he’s working really hard at being good, and that’s the key to his career.”

(on how much they showed they fixed in the running game) “I don’t think you read too much into it. We knew we were going to have to run the ball against this football team. I just think we did things better. We had the game on their side of the line of scrimmage; our guys up front moved them around. But we did simplify in the last two weeks running the ball. We felt like maybe we were doing a little bit too much and I think our players responded to that, so I think it’s a key for our football team as we move forward. We’re going to have to run the ball, and fortunately we did the last couple of weeks.

(on if WR Jacoby Jones ran the wrong route on a certain play) “No, he actually didn’t. The play was set up for (WR) David Anderson. He wasn’t there. Jacoby was a second option, but the play was set up for David. That third-and-three, we can’t have that happen, we’ve got to get a timeout there. We actually had called a run and we had a bad look, and Sage was trying to get us out of the play and I thought when he pulled out from under center he was fixing to call a timeout. Had I known that he didn’t see the clock, I can handle that, you know what I mean? I’m right by the official, I can call timeout right there. But that was a mistake. You can’t go from third-and-three to third-and-eight. You’ve got to make sure that you give yourselves a chance right there.”

11-06-2007, 08:18 AM
Thanks TC! We have a young team, an injured team, and a team I think still has the heart and soul we saw the first couple of weeks. We will see in the coming weeks what this group of guys is really made of. IF Kubiak will continue to improve in his play calling and time management, I think we will at least have a 500 season. Our WRs sucked it up, went out there and did a fine job without AJ. NOW, our D will just have to do the same with Dunta gone! Maybe all these bad injuries will only make our team better next year. Our young inexperienced players will get a chance to get some reps, show some toughness, and make all of us proud of them, esp Dunta. God above only knows how hard this must be on him. What a warrior that guy has been!!

11-06-2007, 09:00 AM
surgery tomorrow, done for the year - didn't hear the injury

Oops, sorry, I was referring to his 610 show.

11-06-2007, 09:37 AM
Oops, sorry, I was referring to his 610 show.

You can listen to the podcast here:

http://www.sportsradio610.com/ (http://www.sportsradio610.com/)

11-06-2007, 09:50 AM
You can listen to the podcast here:

http://www.sportsradio610.com/ (http://www.sportsradio610.com/)

I gotta ask....

You didn't transcribe that presser with your own two fingers, did you?

11-06-2007, 11:27 AM
She probably had a stenographer(sp) do it for her.

11-06-2007, 11:28 AM
She probably had a stenographer(sp) do it for her.

Sarcasm or flattery won't get you anywhere, Spec. Want proof, come visit me at work.

Hardcore Texan
11-06-2007, 11:53 AM
I am so tired of coachspeak......we can never get a freaking straight answer on any injury......I think I will avoid all injury related pressers from now on.

I am so frustrated.....:brickwall:

11-06-2007, 12:21 PM
You can listen to the podcast here:

http://www.sportsradio610.com/ (http://www.sportsradio610.com/)

Sweet, never thought of that. I'm always going into class when it's on. Rep for you.

Assuming I don't get annoyed after the first one.

(People at the OSu watch parties get mad when I play the fight song at half time over Tressel - Saturday we took bets on what he would say; "they're a good time" "we have to fight the battle in the trenches" "they're well-coached" - KING of Coach Speak)