View Full Version : Some big names on the trading block

10-26-2007, 02:51 PM
Its early, but I thought this article was interesting. There are a couple names on here that the Texans may be interested in. Unfortunately, we're already low on draft choices and don't have a lot in terms of personnel to offer...but oh well. Here are the people I'd be interested in bringing in if the price was right.

DeAngelo Hall - Sure he's had some recent outbursts and he may be overrated, but he's still an incredible cover corner and would immediately upgrade our team. I'd guess his trade value is pretty high though

Jonathan Vilma - Hard to believe he's on the block, but apparently he's not a good fit in the 3-4 the Jets are now running. He is probably one of the best MLB 4-3 guys in the league, and if DeMeco was ever going to get put into an OLB role, this would be the guy to encourage that. His trade value is going to be pretty high as well, considering he's a former DROY and all

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10-27-2007, 11:40 PM
Vilma is a good name but i wouldnt give much for some one coming of a season ending Knee Injury.

10-28-2007, 02:09 AM
KFFL already has the eligable FA list up somewhere. I put it up already in the draft and college foootball thread. One of my marks is when the franchise doesn't go after someone else's trash. Young guys ok. Old guys, been there done that, bought the t-shirt. Doctor pulled out the hook. I'm still recovering.

It's a true sign of intelligence when you tell a kid, a toddler, not to put his little finger in the light socket and he quits after being shocked five or six times. Old FAs are the quickest way to cap hell. CC proved that in spades. The only question is how many more times are we going to put a pinkey finger in again in the FA market for old guys ?