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10-11-2007, 09:36 PM
Everyone remember the Dixie Chick who wore the t-shirt to the CMAs (or something) that said, "F U T K". I grant you, the hatred for Toby Keith seemed misspent.

However, Houston's disdain for Bud Adams does NOT seem misspent.

While I am no fan of such language, would it not be fantastic if during the Tacks game the Bull Pen was decked out in white tees with steel blue lettering saying something to this effect?

Maybe FU is too harsh. Maybe just "Kiss It BA"

You see where I am going with this? I just want Bud to know how Houston feels about him. You know, in case he has forgotten.

10-12-2007, 07:47 AM
Don't take this the wrong way... but that is childish. Sure, there is a lot of anger that went BA way, but we now have the Texans and to have something like that would make us seem as if we have little to no class like the man himself.

10-12-2007, 11:48 AM
It depends if the fans wish to trade in the proclaimed "class act" reputation in favor of behavior that Black Hole fans would consider over the top.

Sometimes it is better to just let stuff go. If the belief holds true that the Texans organization is great, why still nurse wounds from Buds behavior that happened over a decade ago? Is Houston better off or worse because Bud moved his Oilers?

10-12-2007, 07:38 PM
Actually, the wound I was referring to dates back to 80, 81. The firing of Bum Phillips. A blatant violation of the owner's social contract with his fan base. Bud lost me there.

But, hey, if no one wants it, no one wants it.

I just think there would be a way to draw attention to the fact that Houston is glad Bud is out of town, without necessarily getting all Dixie Chick about it. (As I alluded, I have a problem with the F U language.)