View Full Version : Chronic: Texans coaches deserve much blame; Carr being Carr

10-01-2007, 10:48 AM

That apparent arrogance leaked into the defensive game plan as well. Yeah, I know, Joey Harrington was the quarterback on the other side, but it's not like he's David Carr. Harrington was coming off a big game the week before and licking his chops at DeMarcus Faggins. Yet, the Texans seemed reluctant to blitz, a standard strategy against Harrington, who has shown over the years that he freezes up like a zombie when pressured. Harrington was sacked 14 times in the first three games. The Texans got to him twice (Amobi Okoye and DeMeco Ryans), though he did have a couple of nice getaways.

You can't let a QB complete nearly 80 percent of his passes, even if his name is Brady. With Faggins making physical mistakes and C.C. Brown adding mental errors on a regular basis, it is imperative that the Texans put pressure on the quarterback. By any means necessary. Aren't you tired of hearing about how defensive coordinator Richard Smith loves to attack and not seeing it on Sundays?

It's a miracle that Matt Schaub was sacked only once. The guy is an escape artist. That said, Ephraim Salaam should never be put on an island with the likes of John Abraham. Salaam was being abused all day, and the Texans finally paid for it with a crucial strip-sack in the fourth quarter. The Falcons didn't score off the turnover, but took valuable time off the clock trying to do so before a blocked field goal try. (What a wonderful surprise it would be if Charles Spencer recovers.)

Two suggestions:

1. The Texans' coaching staff should show Mario Williams tape of Abraham.
2. Texans fans should start ragging on Mario again. It's about time for him to get upset at being dissed and have another good game. That's the routine. Or would y'all rather wait two weeks and have him shine against Tennessee in VY's House? It's probably one or the other. Tough call.