View Full Version : Owen Daniels or Todd Heap?

09-30-2007, 10:20 AM
Got both of these guys, got Heap slated to start against the Browns but with all the injuries to our WRs, Daniels is going to get a lot of passes thrown his way. What do you guys think?

09-30-2007, 10:21 AM

Blazing Arrow
09-30-2007, 10:37 AM
Heap against Clevelands D are you seriously asking. Plus the Texans suck ... :cool:

09-30-2007, 10:45 AM
Definitely Heap. I don't like to give out fantasy football advice because it really just is a matter of playing and acquiring who you like.

That being said, you really need to unload one of them in a trade. It's gotta be Heap who's going to do better. You can 'sell' Owen for higher than his actual market value in a trade. Owen has tons of upside but all of us here on this board knows that he is just no more than just a solid TE. He's just going to get passes tossed his way because of who the Houston Texans are. Once Andre comes back... I would put money on it that Daniels' stock would plummet. Not only that but what other team carries 4 TEs? That should say something about what Daniels really is. A good solid option but we have different ones for different types of plays.

Heap is staying in the game the whole time. There's nobody else on the Ravens to take over behind him. He's probably their star on offense which isn't all that great.

That's just what I think. Just an opinion is all. I'm no expert and am just your average everyday football fan.

09-30-2007, 10:46 AM
Daniels will have a better day. Trust me.


09-30-2007, 10:58 AM
Think I am going to go with Heap against the Browns D, that being said, I hope Owen has a HUGE day against the Falcons! Thanks.