View Full Version : Defense will decide.

09-21-2007, 05:28 PM
The defense of the Texans need to get Peyton Manning out of Rythm and throw his game off. Okoye and Williams will need to work hard and keep Peyton off balance. Take aways will play a very important part in whether the Texans win or lose. The offense will need to get a jump and get ahead early. Controlling the ball and using the clock to keep Peyton off the field will minnimize his chances of scoring. We all know that if he has the ball he is dangerous and can score when he needs to, so keeping the ball out of his hands will be paramount.

09-21-2007, 11:44 PM
Who's Peyton Manning?

He can't throw, if he's on his back can he?

Texans win!

and no, I'm not a homer:user: