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09-17-2007, 12:03 AM
I wrote this several days ago to Keye director.
here is the response.

Ken, thanks for writing to KEYE. Your comments seem to suggest that KEYE game assignments are a personal decision on my part. That is an understandable assumption, but it is completely incorrect none-the-less.

Its the local football fans in Austin who choose what games are aired on KEYE. We monitor the level of sports viewing every Sunday on KEYE and plan our schedules accordingly. Perhaps a little background on the Texans and KEYE would help provide an explanation.

In the Texans first season we aired 4 preseason and 14 regular season games by the Texans. That was every game available to us. In their second season we aired 4 preseason and 14 regular season as well. In the third season there were only 3 preseason games available, and we followed that with 14 regular season games. In their fourth season, we aired 4 preseason games, but only had access to 10 regular season games (and aired all of them). The other games were available on other networks.

In the fifth season, we aired the only 2 preseason games available to us, and in mid-season began to show some of the Titans games as well as the Texans. In the end, we aired 9 Texans games and 9 Titans games. Also during those five years we aired their pre-game specials, covered their training camps, and reported on them in KEYE Sports. It would be difficult to make the case that KEYE didn't give it up for the Texans, in fact, it would only be possible to make that case if you just simply ignored the facts..

The last All-Texans-All-The-Time game we showed was in Oct of last year, and in that game just 15,000 households tuned in (in a city of 602,340 households). The very next week we aired a Titans game and 54,0000 households tuned in. (A 260% increase in the number of fan's households that tuned in of their own free will) There were several games when 70,000+ fans tuned in. These results repeated throughout the remainder of the year.

I know for a fact that the Houston Texans franchise is very aware of this and are not too happy that a local college football hero playing for a team in another state attracts more viewers than their own team which is just 150 miles up the road. This result is after almost five years of KEYE airing every single Texans game we could get our hands on. It may be a sad fact for some, but its a fact none-the-less.

What I find interesting is the number of fans who want to then turn to the TV station and blame them for the poor fan support of the Texans in Austin. It seems its all about everything (anything) BUT the poor performance of the Texans over the past five years (and the subsequent loss of fan interest).

We at KEYE (very obviously) would love for the Texans to have a great year and regain some of their fan base. Perhaps this is their year to do just exactly that. We can only hope that they field a strong team (looks good so far) and that football fans are attracted to it - that is how ball clubs are built.

We will have the Titans on in weeks one and two, then the Texans in weeks three, four, and five. I hope (and want to believe) the Texans fans will show up in larger numbers than they have in the past.

Again, thanks for writing in, my direct line is listed below, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Gary Vinson

Programming / Research Director

ph: 512.490.2159


Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 11:29 PM
To: Vinson, Gary A
Subject: WHy not show a TEXAS TEAM?

I just moved to Austin from Huntsville, TX where I am a loyal Texans fan. I was excited to see the Texans this year. I was afraid after reading all the stories of how Keye is not showing a NFL Team game that features a city that is only 120 miles away was absurd. Only to find out the stories were correct. I like Vince Young. I hate BUD ADAMS! The Texans had the Defensive rookie of the year last year and The defensive player of the week for week one. I am sorry but I will not watch KEYE or pursue any commodities from your advertisers due to the non-loyalty of the Texans. Why should I support KEYE when KEYE is not supporting Texas. Vince Young is old news, you need to focus on Matt Schaub (espn's most impressed new QB) Just compare the stats of the two. If Texans win week 2 they will be tied for 1st going against the colts. Last years Superbowl Champs. Titans, who are they?

I hope you take a look at the excitement surrounding the Houston Texans this year and broadcast their games.
I have my Dish satellite with my old zipcode in it, therefore, I will still be able to watch Dallas and the Texans. As long as it is not the team that betrayed Houston and Texas

If you want to see the crowd and fan support for the Texans just jump over to the 3rdbase downtown during the game.

09-17-2007, 12:15 AM
I believe that's the copy and paste response a lot of people have been receiving.

09-17-2007, 12:32 AM
Yeah, seems most of the emails from keye went out this weekend.
Hopefully he (gary vinson) will get tired of this.
I cannot wait for the colts