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Texans Horror
09-16-2007, 11:58 PM
One of the key differences this year is play-calling and clock management. I like the way that Weary and Pitss are being pulled for run plays. I like the use of the bootlegs and Andre's "rubbing" for the first touchdown. The Texans offense seemed to be in control of their own destiny. The same for the defense. They were pressuring the Panthers in all the right plays. As much as I want to give credit to the players, the coaches deserve credit, too. Frank Bush, Richard Smith, Mike Sherman, and of course, Steve Marciano, all are doing wonderful.

Clock Management
I have heard some groaning and moaning about having Dayne galumph through the third and fourth quarters like he's the friggin Juggernaut. I am all for it. It eats up the clock while forcing a weakened defense to deal with the equivalent of an Abrams Tank, IMO.

The second scoring possession that tied up the game - genius work. Took seven minutes off the clock and gave the Texans defense some much-needed rest. At the same time, it also gave the Panthers little time to devise a comeback.

It is obvious to me that more than Schaub, more than Green, more than any first-round selection or free agent, the best move the Texans have made is hiring Kubiak. It all flows from him, and it is obvious the well will not run dry anytime soon.

09-17-2007, 12:00 AM
For my part, I love using Dayne to wear down the defense & run the clock.

It opens things up downfield & wears out the defensive front four.