View Full Version : HPF review: Big Win in Carr-olina

09-16-2007, 11:44 PM

I wonder what was going through David Carr's mind Sunday as he stood on the sideline and watched his old team take apart his new team, 34-21?

Perhaps he was wondering why Matt Schaub wasn't getting sacked? Or how his team blew a 14-point early lead? Maybe he was mentally preparing for garbage time, when he normally excels. Nah, let's be honest: he was thinking about how his hair looked so much better than Schaub's...

Carr wasn't the only one on the Carolina sideline scratching his head. Even the team owner looked like he was ready to throw himself out of his suite window as the Texans' improved to 2-0. The victory was the largest comeback on the road in Texan franchise history.