View Full Version : Panthers/Texans:More alike than you think

09-16-2007, 09:54 AM

If more time had passed, the old question about the chicken and the egg would apply perfectly to the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans.

Still called "expansion'' teams by some, the NFL's 29th franchise and its 32nd are intertwined to their cores. It's not mere coincidence they look a lot like each other. The Panthers started in 1995 and the Texans in 2002, but other than a few winning seasons, there are more similarities than differences between the two:

The Owners

Long before Panthers owner Jerry Richardson came to Charlotte, Texans owner Bob McNair was here. Raised in Western North Carolina, McNair graduated from South Carolina and was part of a start-up automobile leasing company on South Boulevard. That business didn't quite work out, but it's part of the reason the Texans exist today. McNair moved to Houston in 1960 and founded a cogeneration company that was sold to Enron in 1999 at about the same time McNair was landing an expansion franchise.

Raised in Eastern North Carolina, Richardson played briefly for the Baltimore Colts before making his fortune in the restaurant business. He left that industry when an expansion team was granted to the Carolinas and has become one of the more influential owners in the NFL.

But the similarities between McNair and Richardson don't end there.

The Coaches