View Full Version : 2008 Mock Draft Projections....sheesh!

08-30-2007, 04:40 PM
I know it's way too early for this kind of thing but just for grins I went and checked out where most of the draft sites have the Texans projected and who we would pick. Holy cow! I know we always lament over the fact that the national media is clueless when it comes to the Texans but this truly was an eye opener. Most of the draft sites have us picking anywhere from 1st to 4th. I don't see that even remotely happening with the team we are putting on the field this year barring catastrophic injury problems.

08-30-2007, 05:28 PM
NO way we're going to finish that low this year. I predict 8-8 - at least we'll be spared any first-pick pressure in 08!

Ole Miss Texan
08-31-2007, 09:23 AM
I'm right there with ya. The few I looked at all had us top 10, (1-6 in the majority).

We all know how much things change throughout the season. Not just NFL team rankings and all but they hype and evaluations of these college players. Remember Troy Smith as a late 1st rd pick? yea didn't happen, Darius Walker...undrafted... Jamarcus Russell- not even considered 1st rd at the start of last season?

But it is a decent indication of who the preseason fav's are and an "idea" of where the might get selected.

I'm looking at Kenny Phillips FS, Sam Baker LT, Steve Slaton RB as of now...but my how things change. I look forward to seeing other RB's and more particularly FS!!! as they emerge.

i think we select around 16th....we should be 7-9 to 10-6 imo.

08-31-2007, 03:41 PM
I say we pick 5th...

...after we trade with the Titans :whip: