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Carr Bombed
08-25-2007, 10:01 AM
Well I'm sure if any of you have visited the Jags board lately you would notice that they have been at each other's throats, because of Byron's poor play this preseason. I found this funny parody of "candle in the wind" a fan wrote about Byron, here it is:

Contract In The Wind
By Sir James Bond

Goodbye Lord Byron
Though I never booed you at all
You had the grace of a porcupine
With a windup like a clock
They ridiculed your footwork
And they questioned what went through your brain?
They set you under center
And they made you change your game

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a contract in the wind
Never knowing who to throw to
When the blitz set in
And I would have liked to have known you
But I was just a kid
Your contract ran out long before
Your legend never did

The local press was tough
Said you were hurt more than you ever played
Jacksonville craved a Superbowl
And blame was the prize that you gained
Even when you tried
Oh the press still hounded you
All the papers had to say
Was that Garrard should start instead of you

Goodbye Lord Byron
From the young fan in the 22nd row
Who sees you as something more than forgettable
We could have had Terrell Suggs or Troy Polamalu


08-25-2007, 10:04 AM
Leftwich starts his wind up on 2nd down and gets his throw out by 3rd down...other than that, he doesn't tip off too many passes.

08-25-2007, 10:14 AM
Thats pretty good

Carr Bombed
08-25-2007, 10:14 AM
Yeah, its like a flashback to 2005 or 2006 over there, except minus the whole Garrard thing. I think Leftwich's time is running short in Jacksonville, but hey Jag fan atleast be thankful your FO didn't drop a hefty 3 year extension in the lap of Leftwich during the offseason. :bat: