View Full Version : The honeymoon is over in Philly

11-07-2004, 02:10 PM
Did anyone see Owens yelling at McNabb on the sidelines in the game against the Steelers. Just the first of many outbursts to come from "Terrible" Owens.

11-07-2004, 06:30 PM
Even better was Hines Ward mocking Owens after his TD catch.

11-08-2004, 12:10 PM
LOL, that was some funny stuff. T.O. kept following him from sideline to sideline. :hehe: I predict bad weather in Philly. :popcorn:

11-08-2004, 12:37 PM
With the Ying comes the Yang.

Philly will still have homefield throughout in the playoffs. I am concerned that their run defense will be their downfall though.

11-08-2004, 02:55 PM
With everyone watching what Philly is going to do, that other team in the state is going under the radar. Ben Roethlisberger has been doing a number on everyone he comes into contact with..
Think a rookie QB can make it to the Super Bowl in his first year? I'm beginning to think so.

11-08-2004, 03:53 PM
I'll still go with the Pats in the AFC even though the Steelers did beat them.

I keep thinking the Cowboys had the Steelers beat until the very last minutes of the game so it's colored my thinking of them being hard to beat.

Although you have to hand it to them. They've done it 2 weeks in a row. At home but they did it.

Didn't look like Philly put up much of a fight.

11-08-2004, 07:29 PM
I'm amazed that McNabb put up with T.O. yelling at him....if I had been the Eagles starting QB I would have old Owens to shut the $%#@ up!

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11-08-2004, 07:38 PM
Everybody makes way to big a deal out of TO. Yeah, he may raise a scene occasionaly, but I would take him on my team any day. Philly was bound to lose eventually, they're a still legitimate super bowl contender.

11-09-2004, 04:56 PM
He was trying to pump up D-Mac, get a clue... TO is one of the best in the NFL, just not the brightest....

11-16-2004, 10:03 PM
Did anyone see Owens yelling at McNabb on the sidelines in the game against the Steelers. Just the first of many outbursts to come from "Terrible" Owens.Did you see after Owens first TD Sunday??? For those who didnt: After Owens caught his first TD they showed McNabb chasing Owens up and down yelling at him and Owens just walking away. It was all in fun and was very funny. There was never anything to worry about...

11-17-2004, 09:40 AM
I thought that was so funny of McNabb. This Eagles team is going to make it all the way this year. At least I can cheer for the Freak :hmmm:

11-17-2004, 12:00 PM
yea that little spoof they did on monday had me rolling. They should make it to the SB if they don't choke again this year...

Double Barrel
11-17-2004, 12:31 PM
T.O.'s self-promoting antics are stale.

I'm not dogging is ability (who can? he's one of the best), but his constant look-at-me showboating wastes too much Sportscenter time that could be better utilized for the actual game of football.

I'd rather hear analysis and in-depth strategy of the NFL than the same old replays of T.O.'s latest dance a thousand times over and over and over and over and over and over....

T.O.'s ability = :thumbup

T.O.'s act = :loser