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11-05-2004, 05:03 PM
Just wanted to sign up for a week to talk football w/ the oposition!

You all have to be worried about how desperate the Broncos are. You add to that the fact that Invesco is one of the hardest places to play in (Watch the cameras shake when the fans get going).

All I know is the Broncos have to get back to what they do best... run. For some reason they decided to run Ruben Droughns 6 times in the first half last week and that just isn't going to get the job done. If I was Mike I would run the ball the first 3-4 possesions w/o even throwing it once. But then again, that's probably why I am not the coach! :)

As far as what I/we have to be worried about...

A LOT! I knew going into the season that this would not be a gimmie, and now the Texans have exceeded my expectations. I have been watching Carr since the big break out year @ Fresno State and now he's doing it in the pro's! Hopefully Champ does a good job stopping Johnson. I think that will be the key to the game. But as good as your O is, I think it's your D that scares me more. Jake has been more then shaky the last two games, and your D takes advantage of it's chances. It should be tight!!!

What do you all think the keys to the game will be? What game plans do you think you need to execute to beat Denver? Love to hear it!

Here's to a great game and let it be injury free for both sides!

11-05-2004, 06:52 PM
Well i think 1st thing we need to do is stop the run to try to make yalls offense one dimentional and force Jake to throw, because our secondary has been interception happy lately ( 6 in two games ) ! We also need to establish our run game ,,,even though Carr has been getting the job done with his arm it will help him if D. Davis can pick it up a little !

For yall You guys need to Establish the run and ware our D down early keep them on the field, your D needs to slow down johnnson because once he gets the the ball he is very dangerious !!!!! And try to contain Carr because he is very mobile even with his sore ancle !!!

Should be a very good game and i CANT wait till sunday , GOOD LUCK !!!

11-05-2004, 07:18 PM
I second truetexansfan :thumbup stopping the Broncos running game is key. Let Jake try & beat the Texans secondary. As far as the Texans lack of running game I think thats been greatly exhausted, the Texans will continue to throw the ball to run it, AJ will get his touches but only when open as Carr will look off and hit the wide open 2nd or 3rd option. Dominack Davis will emerge from his slumber just in time to remind the home town fans what Portis was like in Denver. One more thing the Texans have turned into a exceptional road team so don't think Orange Crush will damper their spirits. :twocents:

11-05-2004, 07:22 PM
haha i liked that but its true we have played very well on the road lately !

11-05-2004, 08:01 PM
If Plummer can beat our secondary with his arm and Champ can shut down Johnson than they deserve to win this one. If we can shut down their running game and keep the Broncos from chewing up the clock then that's all we can ask of our defense. Just that it gives our offense the opportunity to go to work. The rest will take care of itself.

11-05-2004, 08:31 PM
The Broncos are desparate and we should be worried? I'm having a hard time with the logic. All the pressure is on Denver in this one. Let Jake throw a couple more picks and the cameras will be shaking all right.

11-05-2004, 10:08 PM
Interesting screen name. Welcome.

I think the keys to victory for the Texans are to stop, or at least slow down their run game, forcing them to pass - or getting ahead by more than one score, forcing them to abandon the run, which is what happened against Atlanta. On offense, if we can establish the run, that's even better, but as long as Carr is on his game, I think we can score points. Obviousely, turnovers are a huge key in any game, and I expect this to be no different. The Texans need to force a couple of turnovers, and try to be stingy with the ball themselves. If they win the time of possession battle, that's another feather in their cap. I see this game as a bit of a longshot for the Texans, but they are proving that this year really may be different. Go Texans!

Good luck to the Broncos as well, and may both sides stay injury free! :thumbup

11-06-2004, 03:03 AM
What do you all think the keys to the game will be? What game plans do you think you need to execute to beat Denver? Love to hear it!

Here's to a great game and let it be injury free for both sides!

First and foremost .....Stop the run . Force the Bronco's into 2nd/3rd and long where Jake has to make plays .

Limit mistakes . No Stupid penalties ! No Turnovers !

Get the running game going . More than 2.9 ypc that we've seen the past couple games .

Protect David Carr ! He and the recievers will take care of the rest .

thats my two cents :popcorn:

11-06-2004, 06:02 AM
With the thin air, I hope the Texans fight to TOP more than anything. Use every second of each snap. If they get a first down every possession, that will give the defense that little boost it needs. If there are a bunch of 3 and outs, then the defense will definitely be gassed by the 4th quarter.

Of course, the more obvious things have been mentioned, but I think ST is going to play a greater role this week. Mr. Moses had better lead the ST to the promise land.

11-06-2004, 07:31 AM
This will probably be the dirties and most physical game played tomorrow. This is one of the game's of the week for me, now that my Jags are taking a well needed rest.

I like the Rams over the Patriots, Browns over the Ravens, Indy over Minn, and Steelers over the Eagles. But this game is too close to call. It has to be the Game of the week.

Stopping the run is easier said than done, especially against a team that has an offensive line that act's like a meat grinder. How many lineman atre they taking out a game this season? You'll have to stack the box if you want to stop the run, and Jakes Bootleg has a way of grinding down secondaries. This is were Carr comes in. If Carr can stay on the road and score early, that will give the defense a shot, as Jake will be forced to go to the air.

Jake had 3 int's last week, he is just 1 away from being among the leaders in the league in INT's, to make matters worse, Jake has only been sacked 6 times this season, thats pretty good protection if you consider that Warner leads the league with 26 sacks.

Carr has had 15 sacks, but he has only thrown 6 int's. Turn overs look to play a huge role in tomorrows game.

Carr will have to go all out and early, if there's any chance of keeping Denvers offense off ballance. Champ has had a lack luster performance the past two games, how far will Carr go in his persuit to throw the ball downfield to AJ, in a game were turnovers could be the deciding factor?

This game is on Carr's shoulders, Denvers defense has already had 15 sacks so far this season. Count on them to get a couple more tomorrow. Carr's ankle could be the difference in this game.

If the Texans can get Walker to apply some Payne to Jake while avoiding getting grinded by that line, Texans stand a good chance of winning this game. Sharper and Babin will have to step up big this game. How's Glenn doing, I see Jake going after him tomorrow?

11-06-2004, 10:24 AM
The one thing that I'm most worried about, is that Capers will attempt to reestablish the running game at the expense of the passing game. I have no problem with working on the running game, but we need to jump on Denver early & build a nice 14-17pt lead first. I know that Palmer calls the offensive plays, but Capers decides the game plan. Hopefully, my concerns will turn out to be unfounded.

11-06-2004, 12:12 PM
Good stuff guys! It's obvious that the run game is our bread and butter. Jake has been so shaky at times that if they don't get Droughns going Jake has a long day. We have gone away from the run the last two games and you see the result. I can't say that the D's have stopped us, we just haven't tried so hard. Shanahan has put the ball in Jake's hands too much!

I do like the "Davis will remind Denver of Portis"!!! That's good stuff! Who do you have that is going to remind us of T. Davis, Anderson, Gary, Droughns??? :)

The way I see it, if Denver can stop Johnson we win. That's not to say that he is your only weapon (not by a long shot) but he opens up everything for everybody else.

Should be a great battle! Good luck (but not too much luck) :)

11-06-2004, 12:41 PM
Johnson does not have to have a big day. He just needs to show the "Orange Crush" that he is a legitimate threat on every play. Once the safties start to cheat to AJ, then DD, Gaffney or Armstrong can adjust to find the hole. I would personally like to see Billy Miller in the mix a little more.

11-06-2004, 01:02 PM
This will probably be the dirties and most physical game played tomorrow.

Good thing we have the dirtiest deep snapper in the NFL! Bringing 6'5" 330lb linemen to their knees!! :~